Sunday, June 20, 2010

Supernova 1


During a period when Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman were out of action for a year other heroes filled the void to protect the world in their absence. The greatest threat during this time was discovered by Rip Hunter and Booster Gold. In order to get off of the masterminds' radar Hunter suggested a means to work freely by having Booster take on the identity of the new hero they created called Supernova. Pieces of advance technology were taken from different sources like Supermans' Phantom Zone Projector and Ray Palmers' White Dwarfstar belt, to give the wearer an edge. Booster Gold used the cover the costume provided to get the parts Hunter needed for their mission and (through time travel) create a false rivalry with his past self to keep any lingering suspicions of his identity off. The suit was then given to Boosters' ancestor Daniel Carter in hopes that he would be inspired to do heroic deeds with it. Daniel has yet to meet those standards.

What does the suit do?:

Thanks to the technology Rip Hunter has installed in it teleportation via the Phantom Zone is possible. Lights from the display tend to blind viewers acting as a cover for the suits' abilities. The Atoms' size changing belt makes it possible for the wearer to shrink. While not all the components were revealed it can also shoot laser beams, perform image displays to blend the wearer into the crowd, fly and travel through time. Hunter specially designed the Supernova uniform to only be able to operate for someone with Carter DNA. 
First Appearance: 52 # 10