Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where's Waldo DC style

Spoilers for Flashpoint under the cut

Comic Alliance reviews new books

No real spoilers, but DC let them read a few books early. For some reason JLI isn't on the list.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rip would be so pissed if he knew

Spoilers for Flashpoint #5 have surfaced. A good twist? Sure but it makes me face palm the stupidity involved. A pretty big Spoiler under the cut.

Monday, August 29, 2011

JLI quote confirmed

I know it's hardly surprising that the origin of this quote comes from JLI. And I know I assumed it came from Batman. But there's something so satisfying in getting proof of this. I'd always thought that Bruce enjoyed the humor in JLI even if he sometimes got annoyed with it. If he could get caught up enough to tell jokes he must harbor some good feelings towards those people.

“I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humor, Booster.”
— The Batman in Justice League International #1

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Booster look

See, future Booster even has golden pants and he apparently ditched the goggles! Yeah he has a jacket but he had one after he left JLI for another team. It's a vast improvement over the new look! 

Plus baby Rip, who always is adorable and wearing his (so-far) first Time Master uniform. Wonder if Rip, Michelle and Rani are stuck in present day. I mean they should be if the time stream is closed since no one but Booster got transferred to the Flashpoint world. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

He's from where?!

Apparently Booster Gold is Canadian now. Huh. Didn't see that one coming. Not sure what to think. Maybe he just let's people think that?


Seriously how young do they have to make everyone?

Kyle Higgins was good enough to answer questions last night about the new Nightwing series. Apparently Dick is now 21, which means Roy would be too. (Lian would have been two or three.) Yeah, this kinda of annoys me. There was supposed to be an age gap between Dick and the younger bats. He was 19 when Bruce got Jason, who was 12. Jason is around a year and a half to two years older than Tim. Now Dicks' three years older than him? How does that work? Did Bruce decide that Dick was too old at 15? Was Jason only a Robin for a year? Same thing with Babs, the reason it was cool that they were older was because they were old enough to mentor the kids that took up their legacies. It's hard for me to think of either as real mentors when they only had a couple more years of experience than the other bat kids.

Higgins also says we'll see more of Babs, which I hope will calm people out for Lobdells' blood simply because he said Kory isn't too happy with Dick at the moment. Which was actually a plot point before the relaunch so he's not just coming up with it from thin air.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loose Ends and how have things changed

Given the Jurgens interview I started thinking of all the plot we never got tied up and things we never got answers for.

  • What is Alex now? How did she come to exists as this energy being?
  • Who's looking for Rani? Will she be raised by the Carters?
  • Who is Black Beetle?
  • Who went to the Beetle Cave with the scarab?
  • What happened to Sondra and Gracie Green?
  • Who ends up marrying Booster and gives birth to Rip?
  • What is Rips' real name (beside his surname being Carter)?
Anything I'm missing? I also wondered what is different with Boosters' supporting cast that Jurgens didn't want to show yet. Are Daniel and Rose married? Seeing other people? Did Michelles' boyfriend Drew live? Did he save Rani? Are the Time Masters (Bonnie, Jeff, Corky) alive? I just hope Rips' not back to being cyborg Linear Man because that wasn't fun for the character.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dan Jurgens talks about Booster Gold #47

Jurgens talk about the bittersweet ending for the second series and the lingering questions. While I can understand the need to keep future story ideas under wraps this makes me nervous again. 

I mean Rip has to exist for Booster to recall being a Time Master and you know, since 52 claimed that he's the one that created time travel. And is the reason for Booster going back to the past to become a hero. While I don't agree with the need to get rid of Connor Hawke or Lian Harper I can at least understand how some might see their existence as aging Ollie. But Rip hasn't even been born yet and the whole point is that he's teaching his dad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

52 Logos

The logos for the new 52 are out

Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

J.T. Krul talks Captain Atom

And something caught my eye when I was reading the interview.

Not a Bwa-Ha-Ha league

I'm a little puzzled with some of the recently proposed boycotting of JLI because it's not the same as Giffin/DeMatteis. Even they said that their retroactive issue was the last time their writing the characters. But I'm mainly confused because even with the irritation some felt for Winick most seemed okay with him writing the book like JLGL. That wasn't a BWA-HA-HA book so why is this such a shock? Jurgens said there would be some humor given the personality clashes but it's not going to be like the first JLI run. It's not going to be over the top and will be more action based. Like I stated in my last post I'd hate to go backwards. Booster may play pranks but right now he's in charge of a team trying to keep it all together. The old tone wouldn't fit anyway.

Also because it was mentioned: Jaime isn't involved because a.) he's a teen, b.) the U.N. want to know the heroes I.D.s. I do want more Blue and Gold but I understand why it's not happening right now.

Jurgens may not be known for his humor but he has it. He's the guy that had Booster poke fun at Hal Jordon. That came up with the idea of Skeets "riding" a horse. That, in his last JL run, had Booster drag Ted into a prank because he was worried Ted was becoming too Batman like. I'm not going in thinking this will be the best thing ever nor am I thinking it's the worst. I'm just going to enjoy the ride, it makes the whole thing more enjoyable.

Character Development

Besides having certain characters exist this is the biggest concern I have in terms of the relaunch. Happily it looks like a lot of my favorites still have it since their stories are already in place. Although a few things should be trimmed from the bat canon but we'll see how that goes. I'm a little confused where this leaves Booster, given his role in JLI it seems that he still has his evolution as a character. Generally Booster doesn't have too many big changes when canon changes. His origin has only had a few slight changes like how he gets the Legion tech or how/why he gets into gambling. Usually because Dan Jurgens has been behind the big shifts. 

That's one thing that really keeps me interested. I don't want to start back at square one with him or any of the characters I'm into. I get that some things have to change to better explain who the character is. The preview art seems to imply that Jaime is getting a retelling of his origin without Booster. While I mourn the loss of the start of their semi-friendship (their not there yet) I can understand the need to get rid of the IC tie in. (Even though Smallville did the same thing WITH Booster being involved.) 

But I have no interest in seeing character A and character B try to restart their relationship with "will they/won't they." It can be highly frustrating when only a month ago they were married and in some cases had kids. Going down my pull list I've come to realize most of my picks have past canon in place. Something that's either confirmed by them being bat characters or by the writers themselves. There may be changes we don't know about, but I like keeping who Booster has become. In a funny way that puts him miles ahead of the so-called A listers. Many of them are restarting the journey into discovering who they are. But Booster has already done two laps and is already preparing for the next marathon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jurgens talks JLI

Plus a new page of art is shown.

Always nice to read interviews although this was a pretty short one. I'm intrigued with the mention of Gavrils' interaction with a fellow teammate but then again it makes sense given his political status. Did he get his head shaved? Can't judge Beas' outfit until I see the whole thing.

I wonder how Booster is going to do this leadership thing and how he's seen by his peers, etc. The U.N. would have to think of him highly or at least think they can manipulate him to let him be in charge. 

Poor Guy never looks happy in JLI meetings.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do I want to do a Booster Doll?

I really should finish my work before I start new projects. I saw the cutest plushies (I mean the cutest I ever seen) and now I want to make my own. But I know me, I'll either abandon it at some point or keep doing more. 

I'm not even sure if I'd be able to do stubble on a Rip Hunter plushie.

How old does one have to be?

Because DC seems to be under the impression that you have to be a specific age to be a parent. I just heard some disheartening news I wasn't aware of on a forum and hope it's not true. Because if it is it's just bull. Connor doesn't exist because Ollie is too young to be a father?! The guy was shown as a ladies man/womanizer/whatever you want to call it. He could have had Connor when he was a teen, and it certainly would have made sense for a kid that age not being ready for that kind of responsibility. Does this mean that his other son with Shado, Robert, was never born? How is Identity Crisis still canon if Clark isn't married to Lois, his parents are dead and Connor doesn't exist? Because there was like a page of Ollie being thankful he was alive.

Sin likely never got adopted by Dinah and apparently Roy is too young to be a father. Despite it being canon that he and Jade had Lian when he was still Speedy. Jason was like 12 when they found out about her. Ironically Jasons' birthday was listed on the 16th  and the 17th is supposed to be Lians' birthday. 

Wonder if Mia exists.

This is embarrassing

but how do you get a cut on a blog? I'm used to using Live Journal and nothing I'm doing seems to work. I checked the help section but unless I'm missing something I'm just not seeing it. :(


Monday, August 15, 2011

If Steph was Rips' mom

I was just thinking about this and while I don't think she's who Jurgens had in mind it could be awesome. Although if Tims' 16 in the reboot she might be back to 17 but time travel works. Plus there might not be as big a gap in Booster and her age although he's supposed to be 23 now. He might be back to 20 for all we know.  Their both cheerful people. We already knew for sure that 50% of his genes were awesome. Both are from poor families and have criminal jerky fathers (although Arthur at least showed some concern for Steph in the past.)

Yeah, Rip said that his parents built the Vanishing Point but we don't know how. If Booster could get better at tech enough to control it in TMVP then Steph could too. Neither of Rips' parents seemed to be able to update Skeets without Brainy 5s' help anyway.

But the thing that occurred to me that made me think "yeah that has possiblities"? Stephanies' father is the Cluemaster, a Riddler like character. And what does Rip do? He leaves cryptic messages on his blackboard. 

Of course if this was true it'd also mean he had a older half-sister.

The Team that Almost Happened

Unused cover for the Supergirl arc where younger heroes were targeted. Apparently it was cut short so this never happened. But it would have been awesome. Goodbye Steph Batgirl, and I hope you're around Irey. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

That time Booster almost killed someone

In Justice League Quarterly #10 I believe. Booster remembers how his life was ruined and his mother rejected him once the truth was revealed. It's a little too over the top at points and there are a couple of characters that really shouldn't be in this story. But this has a few parts that I love. One of them is Booster telling the truth of his origins to Guy, Tora and Bea for the first time. (The two random character stand ins are pretty awkward here.) Ted already knows all this from the tale Jurgens wrote years earlier.

There are two truly powerful moments in this story that I adore. The first is the heart breaking moment where Booster outright tries to murder a man who's descendant will help lead to his ruin. Only Teds' there to try to talk him down. Booster cries out, "It's all his fault!"

And Ted replied, "No, it's yours."

Ouch. When Ted was serious he really could hit where it hurts. Naturally Booster is depressed after all of this and what follows is one of my favorite moments in their friendship. Ted admits what he said was risky and yeah Booster was stupid. But he's a hero now and that makes up for those wrongs in his book. And the greatest truth of all: that Booster really only has one person that needs to forgive him for his past wrongs. Truly one of the better written Ted stories.

The Trinity talks about Booster Gold

I always thought this was beyond weird. Yeah, I know the writers had no idea what was happening to the stars of 52 but even with that knowledge this sounds strange.

I like that Superman is always standing up for Booster by bringing up how he stood by him against Doomsday. But why the hell would he think it would be a good idea to give away Boosters' suit to someone else? Ignoring the fact they think it was caught in a nuclear blast or that it might be buried--it's not their legacy to give away! Can you imagine Booster turning up after they did that?

Umm, Bruce you do realize this is MICHAEL not Ted right? Not sure how a fake Booster Gold would honor him anyway, not like Ted is around to be fooled. 

Funny thing is that according to a review in the 52 novel Boosters' big fight happened in front of the heroes at the Superboy memorial. While everyone else was stunned to see Booster was alive Bruce stared. "How...ah, time travel. Of course." Makes you wonder if he was annoyed here in the comicverse because no one else had picked up on it yet.

Friday, August 12, 2011

He's a crafty one

I would seriously buy every Hal Jordon book I could get if he acted like this all the time. Forget the fearless pilot, I want the bumbling liar that can't come up with an excuse to save his life. 

You'd think he'd at least change his hair.

Is DC turning into Marvel?

Contains SPOILERS from interviews with different DC writers and the previews.

Any one else getting this vibe? Marvel has certain heroes that are looked down on like mutants and Spider-Man. Now DC seems to getting in on the act. In the preview for JLA #1 the police don't trust Batman. Jurgens has said that the JLI have formed as a group that answers to the U.N. in order to watch the JLA. None of the members have secret IDs. (Batman isn't supposed to be there but acts as a way for the JLA to know what the U.N. is doing.) Does that mean that Booster has a greater P.R. image than most of the JLA?

Jurgens also says that aliens aren't allowed to join JLI. This idea of aliens being outcasts seems to be spread throughout other stories as well. The latest cover for Morrisons' Superman book shows protestors waving their anti-alien signs at the man of steel. Supergirls' solicits say that she isn't fond of the people of Earth. Lobdell is exploring Starfires' struggles of fitting in and possibly helping other aliens find a sense of belonging.

I don't mind the idea--yet--but I miss the more optimistic DCU.

Cut off date?

I'm still a little stunned by the commitment of some fans to get so many comics each month. I've already seen people claiming their get all the 52 #1 issues. Some say that DC have that one issue to get them interested in each book. Others say that their give their books an entire arc. How long do you stick with a book? I admit I usually have to have enough interest to get me to purchase it in the first place. But with a book like Captain Atom that I have the least interest in I'm thinking maybe an arc. Depending on how it's written. If it's great then I'm keeping it if it's so horrible I can't stand the first issue I'll have to consider it long and hard before I drop. I want to give these books a try. 

I have thought about back up books as it were. Titles I'd like to try out if/when I drop a title. I liked the Static Shock tv show but I'm not sure if that will translate well in the comic. Especially since he's being moved away from his home town/supporting cast. Animal Man intrigues me although I'm not really into horror. And I have thought about the new Nightwing title. We'll see, I guess.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'd rather have the old 90s costume...

...than the new 90s costume we're getting in JLI. It looks slightly better in the second issue cover but it doesn't say Booster to me. Tell me this shortlived Dan Jurgens design isn't better than what we're getting.

How to purchase comics during DCnU?

I wonder how the relaunch will be received in the first month. I vaguely remember how insane it was during the Death of Superman (before I was really into comics but my sister was.) Everyone was picking up as many Super-related comics at my LCSs as they could get. Will it be like that? Bigger? Or will people be driven away? When I went shopping yesterday I set out to get three comics, two tpbs and a Damian Wayne figure. Two of the items I was looking for weren't there but it took me ages to look for my stuff because of the guys blocking the aisles. 

Before I went to this store I never seen so many customers getting such huge stacks. I'm not exaggerating when I say their piles looked like they were getting half of the comics released this month. I have come across readers that have big pull list online but it's still mind blowing to see it in person. I don't think my collecting ever reached those heights because only a handful of books interest me and I don't have that kind of money. Trying out seven of the upcoming books is sort of a big thing for me. 

I don't really go to my new LCS often because it is slightly out of the way. But while glancing at my new pull list lo and behold I have books coming out every week. That's never happened to me before, usually I wait for the less desired books and pick them up at the same time I get Booster or a mini series. The year of the Booster did change this some since there was one ongoing, a bi-weekly max series and a mini. But half of that I still had to wait for. 

Still, I want to be excited about this relaunch and see other fans reactions and I want to read the books asap. So I'm thinking about coming in each week. The book I'm least excited about, Captain Atom, happens to be released the same week as two of my other books. I might make a bigger deal about reviewing than I normally do when I get to them. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Batgirl and Booster?

Bryan Q. Miller released a directors' cut of Batgirl #24. 


So from the sound of it these weren't just things that Steph desired but some plots Miller never got around to doing because of DC. One of these things was getting together with Cass to have a time traveling adventure with Skeets (later to be joined by Batgirl Babs) in search of Booster. 


Seriously that would have been epic! I already like the potential of the Babs/Booster dynamics but then I thought of something. Steph was touching Boosters' image in BOP when he made a cameo. She's dreaming about going on a mission with Skeets (this had to be a unused story idea because she shouldn't know that they are Time Masters) so then I thought...she's blond. Rips' mom had blond hair. Hmm.

Booster Gold #47 The last Issue of the 2nd series

SPOILERS of course

Booster Gold #47:

While the new JLI title softens the blow of this title ending this didn't end on a high note. There are still lingering questions and even a couple added by this end. Like many last arcs before the reboot there's a rushed feeling. Although to be fair I only got that vibe in terms of writing in this issue although the art duties were split for a couple issues likely because Jurgens is doing art for the new Green Arrow book.

While the Doomsday fight wasn't all I had hoped it would be I did like how it ended. It was a genuine surprising moment that I didn't see coming and was impressed with Jurgens twist. It's a good character moment and is different than Boosters' methods of fighting. I'm not surprised that Booster is starting to forget memories of the old DCU and it does explain why he wasn't affected by the Flashpoint change. But it doesn't explain why Rip and Michelle weren't brought along. Yeah, it's never been said outright that Michelles' costume was updated with the same time travel tech as Boosters' but Rip was still wearing the uniform from TMVP. 

I know there are going to be complaints about Booster wanting to take Alex with him because I've already seen some comments about not wanting her as a romantic interest. While Booster might have been attracted to her I didn't get the feeling that was the main reason for his attachment. Since Skeets was trashed she was literally the only person that was there for him. Likewise he was the only one that really accepted her for what she was, there's a connection. Booster still has problems letting things be because time says so. He wants to help and knows she'd be happier in his world. Sadly the only thing Booster did to affect the main Flashpoint story is to tell Barry what to do. So basically if anything is screwed up in DCnU it's Barrys' fault since Booster wasn't there to stop it. ;)

Is that Alex at the end? Did she get get turned into the same kind of energy being Jason Goldstein is? Is she stalking Booster? Because she knew where the time lab was. So many questions that need to be answered. I liked this issue but there didn't seem to be enough of it. Hopefully there will be more Time Master goodness after the relaunch.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Past attempts at sewing

I actually attempted to make Booster Gold related 12" figures about a year or so ago. There was a project online that I was going to enter but never got around to. Mainly because I never finished it. I was going to do three or four figures: Booster, Rip, Michelle and either Daniel or just the Supernova costume. The Booster costume didn't work out but two uniforms were shaping up. Might finish these some day

Guys' thoughts whenever he encounters random idiocy?

Monday, August 8, 2011

DCs' "Pants Rule" extended towards male heroes?

According to Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 cover Jason Todds' Robin costume has been retconned. The biggest change is that he has pants. This of course calls into question if Dicks' costume is different, if the iconic case costume changes (I bet you that some artist will forget it changed) or if the boys still shared the same outfit. Something that was part of Jasons' hurt in regards to Bruce favoring Dick. (He also told Jason that he wasn't good enough to be as agile as Dick to the point Alfred had to tell Bats that he was giving the kid an inferior complex.) Granted Jason technically had his own costume pre-crisis but that doesn't work as well as this one. I like the touch of him having a red mask too. 

As for the other two on this cover: wasn't Korys' slave outfit what she used as her costume in NTT? I thought it was said that Roy wasn't on drugs or was that a misquote? Granted I thought he didn't look like he was suffering through withdraw in the "Speedy is a junkie" story. 

Saw this and thought of Sue

Speaking of comic book art here's a piece I found awhile back. I don't know what the context is. What do I think the story is based on the image? 

It was Katma and Johns' wedding day and Hal got himself killed/faked his death. Likely the latter because I just have this image of him doing it to get out of making an appearance. The GLs decide to honor Hal much to Katmas' annoyance . She decides "screw it, he's not going to upstage me on my big day" and bravely tries to pretend it's a normal wedding while walking through the graveyard.

Arisa decides to end her life only to discover she doesn't know anything about earth based weapons. Later on she would be embarrassed to learn she actually stopped herself from getting sprayed with a water gun. Katma wasn't pleased with being blocked and the rest agreed to ignore the sobbing girl. Guy naturally found the whole thing hilarious especially since he was the only one that knew Hal was alive and how pissed everyone would be once they knew the truth.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More expensive Stuff

Tonnor has some DC dolls (mostly women) that go into the $100.00 something range. What impresses me is that they didn't just do Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl (Babs), Poison Ivy and Harley. They also did a limited edition Huntress, Black Canary, (BOP represent), Catwoman, Hawkwoman, Mera, Teen Titan ladies Starfire, Dove, and Raven. Sadly the men don't always look great since Batman looks a little odd, they also have Superman, Green Lantern (Hal) and Aquaman.

They seem to differ in size as some are 13" and the TT dolls are 16" to 17".

Friday, August 5, 2011

When did action figures get so pricey?

Yeah, I know that the figures on the direct market are usually more expensive than ones you'd find at a toy store or one of the 'marts. But seeing a Damian as Robin figure running from $24-$20 dollars (not including s/h) online?  I'm glad I don't collect all the figures in these lines. Somehow I must find Damian at a good price, I have a "don't get the same character" rule for anything that's not Booster Gold but I think this is the acceptation. Because he's actually in costume. At least he's not as pricey as Barbara Gordon as Oracle, I still haven't found one under $70. With the other BoP figures it's at least $100.00 something. Funny thing is most of my collection was discounted.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next Wave of Dc Titles?

With the announcement of more books to come I've been thinking about what titles I'd want them to do. Mostly wishful thinking on my part.

Checkmate: This could be a mini, an ongoing or even a one shot. But the focus would be Max Lord. How he sees things, perhaps his history explored more. This would also be a good place to show what the latest incarnation of Checkmate is like under Maxs' control. Who else is there? What does the world think about it? Does the Justice League show up? I know OMAC is supposed to have checkmate making an appearance but I rather have something that only showcases Max/Checkmate.

Black Bat and Spoiler: I rather follow the adventures of Cass and Steph than rebooted Babsgirl. What will they be doing, how their friendship goes and how they interact with the rest of the batfamily. Maybe change Stephs' ID to a bat name? Although I doubt the Lavender Bat will strike fear, perhaps a bird name like Nightingale?

Rip Hunter Time Master: Likely another mini series but the possibilties are endless. Didio wants to close the timestream? Well focus on stories that won't mess with the new DC canon. Maybe telling how he met Jason Goldstein and lost the other Time Masters. Perhaps a tale from his childhood. Or if you want to use the Carter family how about Rip worrying how he doesn't remember Rani and a quest to find out if she has a set destiny?

The Courtship of Booster Gold: a.k.a how I met your mother: Okay, this one's more of a gag but who wouldn't buy a mini/max series dedicated to Booster Golds' romantic life and discovering who Rips' mommy is?

That's all I can think of at the moment but I know there's tons of untapped potential storylines to tell.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More DCnU stuff and Retailer plans?

I got a huge thrill out of waiting in line for the last three Harry Potter books at midnight. There's always an exciting feeling when you talk to other fans and get what you're waiting for. Imagine my surprise to see DC has something like this in mind. Granted I'm not buying either book (I have no interest in Barry Allen or the JLA line up) but it still sounds cool. I do wonder if my store will be doing this or anything special for the releases of the other relaunch books. I heard some stores have discounts and such. 

Apparently DC isn't done mentioning the Batgirl incident. Kinda surprised their still bringing it up, I would have thought they would drop it. But hey at least it's being acknowledged.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Issues that Stood Out: The Plus Ones

Since this is the last month of DCU as we know it I'm continuing my trip down memory lane. Although these books aren't Booster related they were near and dear to me and in some cases helped introduce me to these characters. It all started when my sister got me into comics and got a bunch of team up one shots with "character a plus character b." All the ones she bought were pretty good but two stood out. SPOILERS even though their dated.

Robin plus Impulse #1:

This was the first time I read Impulse as well as the two characters being introduced to each other. It's a nice balance as it showcases both boys' lives as Tim is ever the devoted and patient detective while Bart is...well Bart. Their personalities really worked well against each other with Tim basically shrugging with the randomness that comes from the other boy. I think my favorite part in regards to Tim is how he's able to figure out who Impulse really is. Usually obvious details are overlooked in superhero comics so seeing someone call it out was a hoot. As is Barts' denial then outright begging Robin not tell Max he knows. Tim Drake has to be my least favorite of the Robins but when he's in this sort of team up he works the best. 

Batman plus Arsenal #1:

This was my favorite. The first time the characters of Roy Harper, Lian and Cheshire were introduced to me. There is nothing about this book I don't love. Seriously. Roy playfully banters with Dick at the start as he asks for aid in saving his ex-lover. Only Dick can't leave his city and there's only one person you go to for help in Gotham. There are a lot of things that make this story work part of it is the dynamics between Roy and Batman. See Roy is more than a little freaked out over the guy, something that actually dates back to a joke he tried to pull on him as Speedy--that didn't work. Despite his feelings there's something about Bats that makes him feel like he's a kid trying to earn a "well done." Of course this is Bruce.

Their interplay is great even though it's clear that Roy is the star even with Batman getting top billing. While not having a close relationship with Bruce he's still able to call him on his bull. He's hilarious throughout the whole thing, complex with his relationship with Jade and the bit that got my interest more than anything else: a great single father. Although he only shares one scene with Lian there's never any doubt that she means the world to him. To me that will always be something that set him apart from other heroes and I can only hope that status and Lian are returned to the character one day.

A little of my Collection

The only DC figures I collect are Bat characters and Booster Gold/JLI. Sadly DC didn't have a long lived minimates line so I had to make my own Fire and Ice. I also created a, umm, not so in shape Ted which isn't pictured.