Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Favorite Recap of Boosters' Origin

He's certainly had his fair share of origin retellings and I believe this one was the shortest way to sum it up. I also like it because it tells us a lot about Booster and Maxs' relationship filling in the blanks for the scene he arrived for their appointment. I suppose it might not make sense in hindsight since this was around the time Booster was trying to hide his past from the world at large. Then again he might have felt compelled to come clean with the guy that claimed to be his connection to the JL. For all he knew Superman was going to be on the team and would likely bring it up.

Yet Booster doesn't show any shame for what he did, it's just matter-of-fact here. Bravado? Likely but it's also speaks volumes for his character which Max sees and approves of. Because out of all the JLI Boosters' probably the one that's most like him. Their business men that have their own shady past. While Max might have been playing him here (given the timeline and his own agenda it seems likely) I get the impression he honestly does like him. I think it's not just because they share some traits but also because Booster seems more human than the other heroes he's met so far. He messed up, is willing to own up to it, still tries and is just gutsy. It's not what he expected.

I really miss this interaction, so much wasted potential.

Booster Gold issue dicussed

Another Future's End interview but this one mentions the one shot and confirmation that Jurgens is writing the issue. YAY!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Superdickery Day 26: A bad husband

I missed another day thanks to computer trouble but I think I'll be ending Superdickery month early anyway. I may post some bat-related scans though.

So Lois is supposed to be blamed for getting jealous of Superman hiding pictures of his girlfriends away in a safe? Uh, that's a jackass move on his part, if there wasn't anything wrong with it he wouldn't try to hide something like that in a safe!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Superdickery Day 25: Framing his friend(s) for the hell of it

Not to mention the randomness of what he accuses Batman of. If it's for witchcraft then there are other members of the JLA he could bring in. The most shocking thing about this cover is that Batman--the worlds' greatest detective--still hasn't figure out that Superman is evil.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Superdickery Day 24: Superman really hates Jimmy

He truly loathes no one as much as Jimmy Olsen. If he has his way Jimmy will die multiple times.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why Deacon Blackfire Mattered

I heard Blackfire being mentioned recently. Which is a pretty big deal if it's him. I hope they aren't retconning this as his first time crossing Batmans' path. Mainly because it was one of the most important Jason Todd stories when he was a Robin. But the mythos set up in Batman The Cult are pretty compelling and I hate for any of it to be lost in a relaunched origin for the character.

SPOILERS of course for Batman The Cult.

Superdickery Day 23: Ruining Jimmys' love life

Okay I have no idea what the context is but it looks like Superman is intentionally giving people the impression he's Jimmys' lover. Why? Well why does he do anything? You gotta love Jimmys' fake enthusiasm as he realizes the awkward position he's in now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Superdickery Day 22: Calling his his girlfriends stupid for something no one else figures out

I mean it's not like they were the only ones fooled by the glasses thing. Lex Luthor is supposed to be a genius and even he doesn't know. (*1) And Jimmy Olsen is his biggest fan. Although this might explain why Clarks' pissy all the time--he's sick of all the dumb people on Earth.

*1 Actually there was a non-Silver Age story that had Luthor figure it out but he dismissed it because the idea was too ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

July Solicits AND September Solicits

Too bad we don't have covers for September but at least we have an idea.

Superdickery Day 21: Won't even try to save Jimmy

I like how Superman refuses to even attempt to help because he's more concerned about himself. Nevermind his powers it's just not worth the risk.

Monday, April 21, 2014

DCC decides to do Justice League Dark

They start with Zatanna and Constantine. I don't plan on getting any of the figures so far but it's good to see their expanding.

Superdickery Day 20: Superboy becomes Hitler?

Either that or he really likes screwing with people's heads. ...It's him screwing with them isn't it?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Superdickery Day 19: Blackmails Lois to learn her secret

So that's where Superman gets his extra funds. Given the level of crap Lois has done her secret must be really shameful. Given the fact Superman has a creepy shrine of her I'm not sure what she could have done to top that.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Superdickery Day 18: Superman will go to any lengths to ruin Jimmys' life

I'm guessing the reason Jimmy is given will have to do with the mob. The real reason is because Superman likes to see him suffer. Why is Jimmy Supermans' pal again?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Superdickery Day 17: One of the many reasons for Supermans' behavior

I'd like to think Lois is just doing this to get back at Superman. I'm not sure how he can fix it unless he has super-shoe repairing powers. Well he had every other ability...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Third Weekly Series: Worlds End

I might try a few issues of this to see how it goes. I like Earth 2 but I hope it focuses more on the JSA characters (Kenda, Jay, Alan, etc.) than Batman/Superman.

More SPOILERS ahead in regards to what's shown.

Superdickery Day 16: Superman is sick of protecting people

Let's just face the facts: Superman hates humanity.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Superdickery Day 15: Trying to make his "friends" go crazy

What "lesson" is this supposed to be Clark? This is mean just to be mean. Jimmys' life is already messed up enough with random powers the last thing he needs is Superman messing with his head.

Tomasi and Kuberts' new project

The big one Tomasi has been hyping up. Interview found here. I'm not interested in it at this point so unless there's something to change my mind in upcoming interviews I'm not getting this. It's not just the concept but the fact I dislike the Tomasi written Batman.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Superman # 29

I put this one on hold once I decided to do Superdickery month. This is sort of an extra since I missed one day. Superman vs. Starfire which also has Lobdell writing her before he returns to RHATO in a couple of months.

Superman: This should do until we can get them to a place where they can be helped.
Starfire: I'm beginning to understand why no one on your planet had the good sense to leave before it exploded.


Time Masters

The mini series that reimagined the Time Masters from the Silver Age counterparts.


Superdickery Day 14: Gets people to shoot Batman knowing he'd live

Because normal guns aren't going to hurt Superman, you'd think that would occur to Batman. Still it's sweet to see they want to go together.

Blood Moon teaser?

Apparently this comes after Futures End. Two things caught my eye while looking at this.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Truth about Dick Graysons' Fate

I already pre-ordered Forever Evil #7 so I'll be reading that anyway. But it's revealed here.


Superdickery Day 13: Has the oddest loopholes for his morals

Well I don't know if I'd call it morals given how often he breaks these rules he claims to abide by. You know for a guy with the powers of a god Superman is really lazy. It'd take him a second to dig the graves and kill them. But no he wants them to do it themselves and Batman to do the actual killing.

You know it's pretty meta that the only time Batman will break his no-kill rule is with minors.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Superdickery Day 12: Superman doesn't care about your sidekicks

Clarks' tired of dealing with dead sidekicks and Bruces' hollow threats of vengeance.

Though I'm kind of curious how Tim died.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Batman Eternal #2 Preview

Found here. Thought and SPOILERS ahead.

The one story where Barbara is nice to Jason

She's more like a big sister to him here. While the story did have some off points it was cute. I could never buy Jason wearing Dicks' uniform and making him stub a cigarette with a pixie boot is more adorable than tough.

Superdickery Day 11: Encourages more Superdickery

So this was the inspiration for the Superman/Wonder Woman series? Also, Diana I don't think you're supposed to be so literal about everything.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Superdickery Day 10: Why is he doing pranks instead of stopping crime?

I'm not sure if I should be impressed with the lengths he goes to or laugh at how half assed it turned out. I mean he uses his time to find a skeleton, dress up as himself but is too lazy to get a dummy head? Won't it fall as soon as he leaves anyway?
And this doesn't speak too well for Lois' intelligence because whether she looks too closely or not anyone would notice Clark has no hair. I guess everyone was just lazy and dumb in the Silver Age.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Superdickery Day 9: Superman is a bad loser

Poor Booster realized to his horror the pettiness of Superman. All too late he finally has the answer for why he's treated badly.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Superdickery Day 8: Making Out on his wifes' grave

What a trendsetter Clark is, he did this before Scott Summers and Emma Frost did. Although I don't think Jean was pregnant when she died and I'm pretty sure Emmas' rear wasn't on her headstone.

What makes this even better is the quote at the bottom that say" There can be only--" with the rest blocked off but likely "you". Apparently not given the evidence before us.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Future Ends #0 SPOILERS


The free comic book day issue has some spoilers posted online. I'm not taken with the concept for a few reasons. The same OMAC stuff that I can't imagine making a year long series about. Plus the things shown here.

Superdickery Day 7: He cares more about his clothes than innocent lives

To be fair he doesn't have Batmans' income.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Superdickery Day 6: Superman wants to be "Kissing Cousins?!"

That's the impression I get.

So Clark is saying that he wants to marry Kara but can't because it's illegal on Kryton? What? Nevermind the fact she's your cousin (and judging by the art freaking out over this confession) but she's still a minor! This is one of the rare time I want to believe Superman is being a jerk just to get back at Supergirl for trying to arrange a marriage for him. Of course I'm inclined to believe he's being honest since the is alluded to elsewhere--

Yeah Kara it's real "funny" that he wants to marry a woman that looks just like you. Although his, uh, attention towards Kara might not have worked out any since he's clearly obsessed with the initials "L.L." More proof that his true love is in fact Lex Luthor. I mean Lois Lane. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Superdickery Day 5: Superman is anti-religion?

Do I want to know what the context for this is?

Friday, April 4, 2014

What happens to Nightwing and Teen Titans? Well...

This is the latest rumor that's going on.

Thoughts under the cut

Superdickery Day 4: Superman VS. the Teen Titans

A fight that proves that Superman can act like a scary jerk just like he does in the Silver Age tales. In fact I'm not sure he ever stopped acting like that.
While it's unsettling this isn't as creepy and outright disturbing as his treatment of Wonder Girl, Donna Troy.

Sure Silver Age Superman repeatedly threatened the lives of his friends and families lives but I'm pretty sure he never went THIS far.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

At hint at Dicks' fate in Batgirl #30?

I normally don't look at Batgirl previews but I noticed there was a different writer, Marguerite Bennett who's work I liked in the past, and was curious. Page three has some curious wording from Barbara in regards to the first boy wonders' fate in Forever Evil.


The problem with the Robins in DCnU

Namely no one seems to know what they timeline is.

Superdickery Day 3: Not Noticing he might be deafening Jason Todd

Until shown otherwise I believe this is why Jason doesn't trust Superman despite working with him in the past. (No one knows if it's still canon since DC keeps changing their minds but I'm saying it is.) Batman is off panel trapped in the same Black Mercy Superman was in. Instead of helping big blue decides to scare the crap out of Jason then does this before flying off to get revenge. I mean look at this yell, it's enough to knock a human through the air and obviously loud enough to hurt. So yeah, I can totally see what Jason meant in RHATO #14 about nothing being scarier than Superman losing control. Superman doesn't even notice or care what he does here.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Superdickery Day 2: Superman VS. the Outlaws

This issue is honestly packed with superdickery from Superman to the Outlaws treatment of him. Yes it's the standard "let's fight over a misunderstanding" but it's so much fun. Superman wants to talk (later on they find out it's Starfire he want to speak with) and they don't want him around at all. Partly because they think he's after them due to their status as outlaws but mainly because they don't like him. Arsenal thinks he's a jerk and Starfires' people aren't thrilled with Krypton in general. Red Hood is cautious over his powers/doesn't like him personally, he's the only one that's stated to have worked with him in the past. (My next entry will show a possible reason for Jasons' fear of his power.) Superman doesn't think too highly of most of them (he does admit Jason was a hero that saved his life) and says would gladly haul them in instead of asking for their help. The only real reason he doesn't try is because Batman vouches for Jason. (Much to the former sidekicks' shock.)

The funniest example of the teams' attitude toward him is when Superman knocks on their spaceship and Roy suggests they just ignore him. Superman can hear them of course then they decide to just teleport to Earth to avoid dealing with him. It doesn't work but they get an "A" for effort.

To paraphrase Jason from the issue, Supermans' an ass even when he's not trying to be one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rocafort Styled Room Part 2: Getting Started on The Furniture

I haven't updated in awhile but I have been working on this project. In this entry you get to see a mistake I made in judgment and a frustrating setback. Yea!

Superdickery Day 1: The Kiss that Screwed Booster Gold

If anything says Supermans' relationship with Wonder Woman is wrong it's this. Erasing and/or fading the protector of time (and father to THE Time Master) from the present. You may think this isn't Superdickery but come on, do you really think Clark would have stopped if he knew?

Look at that smile when Booster asks if he's supposed to leave. That's the look of a man who's already daydreamed of punting Booster out of his city like a football.

DC Collectiables April Fools Gag

My favorite is the Ma Hunkel prop but the others are worth a look.

Superdickery Month Begins!

Which mean we reflect on the things the Man of Steel did that his fellow heroes are willing to forgive. Whether it's destroying his friends lives to teach them a lesson, making Dick Grayson walk home naked or making a porn with Big Barda. This isn't just a time to celebrate his behavior but also how negatively others react to him. Like the picture above when Starfire is furious that Superman hasn't been held accountable for Donna Troys' death even though it was one of his robots that killed her. This wouldn't be the only time she gets mad at big blue.

  • Here is where Superman showed up to tell Rip Hunter that he wasn't helping him.
  • Although it's in reverse here's Rip and Booster getting back at Superman for his crappy treatment of them. Well Rips' is more telling him off for being dumb but I still love it.