Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Supernova 3: Jon Carter

Jon Carter was nothing but a two bit con man and gambler. A small timer that left his wife and two young children with his enormous debt. He kept away from his family until his son Michael sought him out. Taking an interest in Michaels' skill as a college football player Jon used Michael to throw a game to cover his increasing debt. Jon's last loss cost him dearly. The people he did business with left him scarred and threatened him should he lose again. Sometime after pressuring his son Jon faced a ten year sentence for his various crimes when approached by the Time Stealers to join their ranks. After being "convinced" Jon traveled back in time to his ancestor Daniel Carters' home to take the Supernova costume from him by force.

As Supernova Jon helped create chaos for the Time Masters and did his best to discourage Michael from his mission by filling him with doubt. Although Michael did his best to help his father this was not enough to change Jons' belief that Michael was a failure that always screwed up. 


First Appearance: as Supernova in Booster Gold #1 Vol. 2 as Jon in BG #4 Vol. 2