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Winick talks about writing JLI again

It's nice to see he has good memories writing JLI in JLGL. Much as I like Jurgens I kind of wish Winick wrote the JLI from that book. Gavril might not be dead and Jaime would still be buds with Booster.

5 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

5. Broderick makes his move

In my opinion this is the best issue out of the first BG series. It opens up with Booster trying to work off two extra pounds to keep up his image. Details like that is what I love about this series, there was a reason for normal humans to be able to do heroics. They worked for it. But there's two reasons why this is such a great issue. First is Broderick. The man hates Booster so much he followed him in the past to kill him. Broderick gives us a better idea how different the past is from their time and how disgusted he is in the present. Something that's a nice nod as Booster repeatedly says throughout the series how much he belongs in the past.

Broderick is a great bad guy that represents all of Boosters' past sins. He won't let them be forgotten even if the evidence proves letting Booster best for everyone. In his eyes Booster was a hero as a football player and became the worst sort of person by throwing it all away.

This story also highlights how resourceful and heroic Booster can be. Armed with just his flight ring he impresses Broderick and saves the day. In the end he leaves his fate in Brodericks' hands. A great story about obsession that makes me wish we'd see more of Broderick. No, I won't stop mentioning him.

6 out of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

6. Booster finally joins the league

Justice League #4 In Boosters' own series he was near desperate to join the league. Sure he was more than a little boastful when Max offered him a spot but once he realizes the team had nothing to do with it? Booster deflates and sadly walks off. As he prepares a statement the Royal Flush Gang attacks. Booster goes after them and single handedly takes down most of the team. Batman takes interest in the battle ordering no one to step in. Once Booster finds out he's being watched he's far more nervous than he was with Superman. But Batman shows that he can judge a hero better than the Man of Steel. Not only does Batman praise Booster but he cracks a smile. This is the start of Batmans' soft spot for Booster and the heart of the team, Blue and Gold.

As Ace takes apart the league Booster joins forces with Ted for the first time. Ted realizes he can add more to the team and Boosters' shy but excited fanboy self gets a chance to shine. This story really is about the underdog who gets to live out his dream and have one of his heroes see him as an equal. (It's not the first time Booster met Batman though.)

7 out of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

7. The Aftermath of Kooey Kooey Kooey

Justice League America #37 Too many people write Booster off as an idiot that will do anything to make a buck. He's not, and his frustration with not being taken seriously finally bubbles to the surface. The aftermath of the Kooey Kooey Kooey incident does help explore Boosters' character though it doesn't do anything positive for Ted. But that's a whole another discussion. What's really tragic about this story is that no one takes any of Boosters' complaints seriously until he quits. Proof that even the class clown has feelings and can take only so much.

When I read those pages with him trying to get his point across only to get more jokes in return? I feel for him. For so much of his life he's struggled for respect and once he's finally on the league it seems like he's always the butt of the joke. This reaction also reflects my own frustration with Booster being written off as a one note character that is only good for gags, dumb and selfish. Thankfully some of that depth of character is present here.

8 of Top 10 Booster Gold Stories

8. Booster Gold- Not James Bond but still a spy

Justice League International #17-18 Vol. 1. Batman chooses a team to go undercover with him in Bialya. His choices are interesting to say the least. Fire, who actually was a spy, Blue Beetle, who works much like Batman and finally Booster. He seems like an odd choice and he is the most well advertised hero in the group (although he wears a disguise on the mission.) Booster is still the rookie but Batman has faith in him and wants him over Captain Atom. Batman tells this to Fire as well when she worries and even says he needs the others help at one point. It's a fun arc.

The humor runs high with Booster and Ted but that's not why I like this story. It will seriously affect both men later on but there's something about Booster that really shines. His ploy for escape even catches Ted offguard. I'm told by a Legion fan that not many members are able to mentally "pull" the ring forward, that it takes a great amount of willpower. Yet Booster does it and frees them by knocking the guard out. Since the ring is from a time after Boosters' own one would have to assume he figured that out by toying around with it. He knew he could do it before he tried it. This shows that he can think on his feet and is one of the many times people underestimate him. Yeah, Batman knew what he was doing by choosing Booster.

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I can imagine Snyders' Joker arc ending like this

It actually explains a lot when you think about it.

Worlds' Finest: Keep or Ditch?

The preview for 4 is out. I've been thinking this over after looking through the issues I have. I'm not sure how I feel about this series. It has some good points, some things that are kind of offensive and others that are kind of meh. I plan to stay on for at least the zero issue but even so I'm on the fence about this one.

Number 9 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

9. Booster loses his sister and decides to troll Superman (and Luthor.)

Booster Gold #23 Vol 1. This one I'm picking just because of how entertaining I found it. Booster acting like a jerk to his rivals--who kinda deserve it. I'm not counting the whole arc about Michelle dying because there really wasn't much mention of her until the second BG series. Still her loss marks the beginning of the end of this chapter of Boosters' life. It also gives him an excuse to mess with Superman and Lex Luthor. Literally hearing about Superman fighting a Booster-look alike after his sisters' funeral he saves his rivals life from the robotic double. Then gloats about it by waving a stray piece of kryptonite in front of Supermans' furious face.

Later on Booster decides to crash Lex Luthors' party to tell him that he knows (though can't prove since the evidence was destroyed) the robot was created by Luthor. See the two of them were at odds in the business field at the time and Luthor truly saw Booster as a threat he needed to crush. Booster tells him that the company they were fighting over, the one LL bought, was a ruse. Because Booster never wanted it since his information says the company will take a big dive very soon. Then he decides to one up Luthor again by whispering something into his (Luthor) dates' ear. Smiling she asks who's place their going to abandoning Luthor. Booster gives one last parting shot saying that next time Luthor wants to create a robot he better make a female one. Ouch.

Edit: Actually this is even funnier on highsight since Luthor DID make a female robot (a Lois look alike.)

Previews for JLI #12 and Batwing #12

For JLI and for Batwing.

Top Ten Favorite Booster Gold stories

#10 Booster meets his Idol Booster Gold # 6-7 Vol. 1

I'll be honest, this isn't one of my Booster stories but it's on the list because it's very important to the character. This is the first time Booster met the Man of Steel, someone Booster has wanted to meet ever since he was a kid. One wouldn't think he'd be a fan at first glance but there's a sense that he wants approval from his hero. It doesn't go as he hoped. It might have rubbed Superman the wrong way since Booster challenged him publically to get his attention.

The story isn't what you'd expect on a lot of levels. Instead of building Booster up by proving Superman wrong it turns out Supermans' experience has him in the right. (Although Superman quickly changes sides of the debate years later when Booster has come to his way of thinking.) But Booster isn't the only one that's shown as petty as Superman hates the praise Booster still gets from the public and Lois. It's a set up that will last for years to come with the two of them having a tension that slowly turns into respect.

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #11

The cover changed, the figure Kori was holding that most assumed was Blackfire is replaced with one of her crew members. I wonder why she was there in the first place since no character like that appears in the book.


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Not much Booster but lots of Bats

I feel annoyed that once again we'll be saying goodbye to another Booster title. At present Booster and the bat titles are the main hook for me at DC. I'll try out new titles and a few character related books but I love those two the best. I'm looking forward to zero month or as I call it "Robin month." Five different Robin origin tales. I never read this run on Nightwing and we'll finally see what his Robin relaunch costume looks like. I might get into another Bat family crossover with DOTF (although I know I won't get Batgirl for sure.) I'm not really into horror but hey it starts at Halloween.

As for Booster, I think I'll do a top ten Booster Gold list of my favorite stories.

The old Robin rumor

Remember the rumor that there was a Robin book with the four sons of Wayne? Many assumed that the current arc in Batman and Robin will spin something out of that. Some still believe it. Of course there is a theory that Bleeding Cool came up with in terms of how DC is handling the situation with Stephanie Brown. I'm not sure if I buy into it but it'd be nice to think DC was doing a book with Stephanie in the fourth wave. Though I think it would be a team book.

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Custom Talons

From what I can tell just about every main Talon that showed up during the Night of the Owls is made into a custom figure here.http://yfrog.com/mmmisqahj

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Example of Scott Snyders' Joker

From his twitter account. I don't want to see any bat characters being forced to do that. 0_0

Showcase: Rip Hunter Time Master Vol. 1

Today I got a surprise as I picked up this weeks books (plus Batman and Robin #11 despite how I feel about it I felt I should read the whole thing) and found a real jem. I don't remember hearing about this series being reprinted. Natually I couldn't pass up the chance to read more of Rip Hunter. Although I have read a few of these through reprints and such. This is only issue 1 though 15 where the team wore their causal wear. The last half was better known for the green and read uniforms.

I enjoy what I've read. There's silliness, one plotline is repeated twice in this volume but it's fun. Not quite what I first expected when I heard of Time Masters but in a way it's quite charming. My only regret is that the letter pages aren't here. Apparently fans would write in with questions about history that the crew would answer.

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Four more to go!

This week has Booster appearing in Blue Beetle #11. After that it's Batwing #12 then JLI #12 and finally the JLI annual. According to DC this is going to be the last time we see these guys for awhile. Keep your fingers crossed the big shocker ending isn't the usual type.

Or to put it another way, "the Ted Kord express."

Batman meme

I know I haven't done much Booster stuff recently. I'll make a Booster version of this at some point.

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Tired of Creator bashing

I don't agree with a lot of choices made in comics. I quit Marvel over some of theirs. I don't follow the characters from ATS after they left IDW and were given to Darkhorse because I can't stand what's going on in the Buffyverse. I'm not thrilled with a lot of DCs' relauch choices. But I hardly think it's fair to blame the creators for things beyond their control.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

DC snubs Steph in favor of Babs

Okay this is just cold. As for "iconic" versions of the character, this is the same series that had Bart Allen as a founder of the JL and Mia Dearden as Speedy, right? Also, Dick was Nightwing not Barbara.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Booster, GL and stuff

Things don't sound that great for Guy and apparently Kyles' dating history isn't as bad as it used to be.

Given Johns saying how Billy used to be this perfect little kid and this being more interesting...I'm a little surprised. Because this isn't usually the attitude writers seem to have towards moody kids. Well there's one exception I can think of anyway.

I think they mean the JLI annual not JL. Yea on being Booster centered but I'm a little nervous on what will happen to the team. Forget Wally West and Ted Kord I want to know where Rip and Michelle are!

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I gotta admit I'm morbidly interested

I haven't heard too many surprises from SDCC which is a disappointment. Mainly details on things I'm already interested in like the zero issues and the Death Of the Family crossover. But one thing caught my attention:

“It sets the stage for ‘Hawkman: Wanted’...[where] Carter learns that when he is located on Earth he is an intergalactic criminal...he now has to prove his innocence.” The issues after that will cross over with “Green Arrow,” and include Red Hood, Starfire and Deathstroke."

Liefeld using Jason and Kori in a cross over with Green Arrow and Deathstroke. Liefeld. Let that sink in. I'm a little shocked. I want to feel bad for the characters I care about but I kind of want to get it for the shock value. Because wow.

If I get this I will post pictures.

George Perez gives some insight on DCnU

It's not that great. This does explain why there are a lot of artist/writer changes. This part in particular caught my attention:

"When an artists like Dan Jurgens, one of the fastest most professional in the industry, when I was working with him on Teen Titans, he was always he was three months ahead of schedule. I was having a hell of a time keeping up with him. On Green Arrow, he was basically trying just to make the deadline and not be late, because kept changing their mind on the stories."

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Batman and Robin #11 preview review

This "review" is only based on the preview since I heard that it's the only time Jason and Damian interact. Since Robins are the main reason I was getting Batman and Robin I'll just sum my thoughts up here. A bit long.

JLI #11 & Worlds' Finest #3

I got these comics yesterday, according to the shipping papers that means it took four days to ship. That's not too bad but I might wait before I do more pre-orders because I love getting my comics the day their released. At least if their my favorites.

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Unsolicited thoughts

Snyder Interviews

I read them all and I'm getting excited about this story. I'm not even a Joker fan. Most of the time I have trouble getting past the fact that no one--not the superheroes, other villains or even the law--has killed him yet. I know, it's comics but that and the fact the bat family has gone out of their way to save him are pet peeves of mine. Anyway, Snyder has promised that his story is self contained. Sounds like there will be tie ins after it's over but they don't need to be read to get the whole story. But the things I'm excited about?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No Comics this Week

Apparently I'll get them next week or a little after because of the fourth of July. I might be getting Worlds' Finest and whats' left of JLI through the mail but not RHATO. Because the wait is a killer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marvel Now?

Remember when people accuse the other company for copying the others' ideas? I know it's not a reboot, more like cutting the fat from what I heard but I don't have the slightest interest. I used to be such a Marvel fan too. Sigh.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Death OF the Family?

Scott Snyder talks about his next storyline. So the question is how this ties in to other ideas Snyder has.

Nguyen draws the Robins

Nguyen showing of his Robin piece. He included all of the Robins in normal canon although only three of them are in their Robin costumes.

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Just some thoughts on Court of the Owls

Not really a review per se.