Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Konstanin Vyronis

Konstanin Vyronis was one of the original twelve chosen to be part of a group of time travelers that would become the Goodfellows' Troupe. When his ambition and greed lead to the death of three of their members he was to be exiled and his only method of travel (his Keystone) broken. Vyronis however escaped his punishment to continue to work on his own plans. He employed Walker Gabriel to acquire various items he needed and in doing so caught the unwanted attention of the Linear Authority. Luckily for him Walker received the blunt of that attention. With his goal of power in sight he found a woman named Fiorella de Ravenna that shared his passions. Together they schemed to make his vision a reality. He told her much of the future promising to take her there once he obtained the power he desired.  

Not caring for morals he tried to appeal to Walkers' selfish nature. But much like his former teammates Vyronis was curious with how Walker could use any of the Goodfellows' Troupes' keystones. His actions proved to be a major motivator for the hero and unintentionally changed the mans' already chaotic life further.  

What Happened to him?: His story does take different twists and turns. One timeline has him receiving ultimate power much to Walkers' regret. Another has the attention he shifted onto Walker with the Linear Authority falling back on him. 
First Appearance: Chronos #1

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sondra Crain

Seventy-Three years after the Blackest Night event the United State government initiated Project Slipshift. Sondra Crain was chosen to go back in time to stop Hank Henshaw from becoming the villainous Cyborg Superman in order to save countless lives that would be lost at his hands. Her first trip landed her on the space shuttle Excalibur before Henshaws' fateful trip took place. Due to the imprecise understanding of time travel the minds behind Project Slipshift had Crain was transported away before she had a chance to prevent Henshaws' transformation. 

Having failed her first mission she was charged with evacuating Coast City days before it's destruction. In theory the programming would have allowed for her to be bought home but the Time Facility used to bring her to the past was destroyed when she launched her mission. Worse of all Crain hadn't arrived as early as she thought. She wasn't days early, merely arriving an hour prior to the destruction. Crain tried to get Booster Gold to help her save Coast City and directly go against historic records. In doing so they recused Gracey Greene.

First Appearance: Booster Gold Vol. 2 #28 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Memory Suppression

Sometimes a time traveler meets up with a person they will know personally in the future or someone of great importance. This can lead to the person in question knowing a little too much about their own future and the traveler. That being the case Rip Hunter has planned ahead for such an occasion. Both Skeets and his Time Spheres have a limited Chronal Wave function that can "erase" a certain amount of time from a persons' recent memories. If they do remember anything at all it will be nothing more than a vague dream.  

Mind Wipe