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Justice League :The Next Generation?

With all the talk about Justice Leagues I started wondering why no one has ever done a League with the kids of the current members. I suppose Kingdom Come sort of did but this idea has so much potential. Damian, Irey West, Chris Kent, etc. There has even been a popular fan idea of Milagro Reyes becoming a Green Lantern, and hey Black Beetle stirred up the concept that she'd arguably become more important than Jaime. 

I've been considering doing a future JLI drawing with Rip and the kids of the JLI. And if Rip can't carry on the "Gold" name I suppose Rani or Daniel and Roses' future kid could. I want to do a Tora/Guy kid but I can't decide if it should be a boy or a girl. I'm kind of leaning towards a boy if Milagro is the GL but I'm having a hard time thinking of a boy of Guys' having ice powers. I guess I just naturally see Guy having a girl and spoiling her rotten. Of course I thought the same thing about Booster which changed with Rip then sort of worked out with Rani appearing. 

I don't really see Bea as the mother type, more of the doting aunt. Gavril seems like he'd have no objections to being a father but you never know. Cap has grown up kids (no idea if they currently have kids) but none of them are in the superhero business. Powergirl? Well she did have a kid once that grew up fast and no one wants to him mention again. Pretty sure she never actually gave the kid a name outside "baby" anyway. I do wish that Ralph and Sues' baby lived somehow but they haven't mentioned the kid since it was revealed that she was pregnant when she died. Dmitri had a boy and girl although they might be slightly older than the rest. Scott and Barda exist again but I'm not sure how that works. Their child would be awesome though.

Am I forgetting anyone with kids or couples that could have kids in the JLI?

All that Glitters: The Gambling themes of Johns/Katz run part 3

It's all in the game: Johns and Katz really play with the theme. The first official mission Booster takes once he accepts Rips' offer? Stopping Sinestro from meeting Guy Gardner too early. They fight in a football field where Booster tries to reason with the villain eluding to Dominoes to explain the butterfly effect. His second mission leads him to Jonah Hex and sure enough a bar fight starts knocking into a card game where one of the players is cheating. Hell, NO ONE plays by standard rules of superheroes/villains in this comic. The stakes are raised a higher bar by the threat of being erased from existence. The heroes are encouraged to use whatever means they can to win the day, Rip even mentions swearing an oath when he was younger to do anything to protect the timeline.

While the Flash mission is played straight it does bring up Booster throwing the game for his dad. This becomes a crossroads of sorts for Booster after the Beetles and him arrive the day he throws away his career for his father. This has him once again making choices with his heart and not his head. In a way Booster hasn't quite learned his lesson from this day, he still wants to throw everything away for something he wants. Namely love, whether it's his fathers' unattainable love or the people he loves. The results aren't much better since Booster can't reach his goal. It's actually a selfish goal since he goes against what Ted wants. In fact he's in denial on how bad it truly is for most of the Blue and Gold arc

When you think about it even Checkmate fits perfectly into the ongoing game theme. Who's the true chess master? Max? Black Beetle? Rip?

Dr. Light 2: No more games, Max. I'm playing for keeps.

After losing his faith in being a Time Master Booster tries to decide what to do, briefly considering returning to his old ways. He does this in Las Vegas while breaking up another Royal Flush robbery.

Booster Gold: All right, time to cash in your chips, fellas. Because I'm cashing in mine.

Ironically he seems to be unsure of selling out or taking a chance on Rip--who he doesn't totally trust after the Killing Joke lesson--when Hal Jordon forms green dices to save Booster from an attack from Ace. The same robot that gave Booster trouble when they first fought and defeated to join JLI.

When Michelle is returned it's not the same as Booster trying to save Ted.

Booster Gold: (Amazed) You took a risk?
Rip Hunter: I never take risks. I thoroughly calculated it to the last millisecond.

Something about this simple exchange stuck me even before the big family reveal. It's very telling for the characters and how they approach things. Where Booster is more spontaneous Rip is logical. Perhaps he learned from his fathers' mistakes. Of course Boosters' still able to do his job mostly by taking such risks. As Boosters' future self said there's no manual for being a Time Master, sometimes you have to make it up as you go along. 

All that Glitters: The Gambling themes of Johns/Katz run part 2

Short-Cuts: Booster calls their abilty to check history for ways to save the day "cheating." Although this point of view changes quite a bit as he's fine with saving a boy from a fall after he declines the offer to rejoin the JLA. The idea of not being able to save others from their fates will become a bigger part of the series. He works hard to be a good hero without seeking out the limelight or making money. Trying and failing to encourage Daniel to do the same.

Jason Goldstein/Rex Hunter wanted to cut out the heroes to make himself a big name in the crisis to come. While ignoring Rips' warning he claims that he's doing the right thing while ironically accusing Rip of being the one who can't see the bigger picture.

If you want to get technical you could say that Daniel is cheating to win his 38th ranking as he doesn't have the needs others do while wearing the Supernova suit.

Taking a Dive:
Booster Gold:...So I pulled a Pete Rose and bet on my games. Then I went Shoeless Joe and threw one.
We have Booster throwing away his future twice. The first (linearly) is where he throws the game for his dad. This was a decision made entirely from the heart. Wanting to be loved and accepted by a man he knew won't care about him. His emotions are twisted by his father and Michelle makes a last ditch plea using logic that he refuses to listen to. It's a selfish, desperate way that he loses everything including the family he loves. The second is by rejecting the offer to join the JLA. While he wanted to be a more proper hero he was motivated by selfish needs too. Perhaps not for money or love but he wanted respect. He wanted people to know he was the hero that saved the day and not a joke in the history books. By seeing the consequences of his acceptance he gives up everything he hoped to be to do the right thing.

Jon Carter: Or as Skeets translated in a Newsarama interview written by Geoff Johns, Jon a 25th century shortening for Jonar which means "he who tried and failed." Which is also Boosters' middle name and in 52 it was Daniels' too. He left his wife with two four year old kids and his debts. It's implied by him and Michelle that Jon used their mother, likely money which suggests that she was rich at one point. His scar comes from loan sharks from his various gambling debts.

Theft: Let's face it, the Carter legacy his based on this. Daniel was willing to break into Rips' lab, Booster stole the parts for his suit, the Supernova suits are based on stolen tech Rip encouraged Booster to take, Jon/Mind stole the Supernova suit from Daniel and Michelle took the Goldstar suit from Boosters' people.


Rose Levin: We all put on acts in this life, Daniel. We all pretend to be something we aren't.

There's a lot of deceptions going on in this book. We see Maxs' turn to villainy (again), the Time Stealers various fake schemes to get Booster to give up, but the greatest of the deceivers are the Carter family themselves. There are notable exceptions of course. The first being Daniel. Although he tries to lie to Rose in order to protect Booster but also to impress her. This of course fails since Daniel may be the worst liar in the entirely family. Jon is more straightforward in his manipulations. Booster notes that his father is a con man and although he likely was one with most people he's pretty honest with his son. He never promises anything. Instead he tries to make his problems Boosters' responsibility by telling him that he's the one that wanted him in his life and basically guilting him into getting what he wants. Jon seems to be disgusted by those who are so easily led by their emotions enough to fall for something that's always been obvious. Michelle is seen with pride as she never fell for the act. Michelle herself will later be disgusted with her family keeping secrets about her.

Rose is a country girl trying her hand at being a big city reporter but she let's Daniel in on the secret that at center of this series and the Carter family. Nothing is really what it seems. Rips' perfected the act of hiding in plain sight. The true mastermind that's usually twenty steps ahead of everyone. Booster wants to be himself but is forced into the role of the fool as his cover. How he does this greatly differs from usual superhero methods. He's pretty creative in winging it. Instead of using brawn he plays into Sinestros' ego, he gets drunk to get information, and later uses his own persona to get Hawkman to doubt their odds in a fight. At one point the evil Supernova refuses to believe that Booster isn't playing down his abilities to try and fool him.

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All that Glitters: The Gambling themes of Johns/Katz run part 1

Taking risks has always been a part of Booster Gold. From his early morally grey beginnings theft and gambling have played a huge role in his life. Now this meta is mostly about Johns and Katz run but it will briefly touch on 52 with Daniel Carter.

When Skeets/Mind happens upon Daniel Carter one of the first things he does is inquire about being on tv. Mind keeps this information for later when he comes to the conclusion that he's basically the same person Booster Gold is thus he's be able to manipulate him the same way. A huge difference is Daniels' passive nature versus Boosters' ambitious side. Boosters' football career ended because of his gambling where Daniels' was due to an injury. Booster tried to make a profit by being a superhero while Daniel hasn't used the suit in a heroic manner unless he's pressured into it.

Likewise Daniel isn't so willing to trust Skeets' offer. He's a shown as a much more jaded person than he's presented as after 52. And he wasn't quite as bad off as Booster was when he decided to become a superhero. Yet Mind sees a desire for glory and uses it to his advantage.

Daniel Carter: I'm being asked to entrust my future to a flying toaster. That's a pretty huge gamble.

Skeets: Gambling runs in the Carter blood.

Booster tried to reason with the whys of what he did while Daniel can't believe he's breaking into the Time Lab on a robots' say so. The risk sends him into a time loop until Rip Hunter gets him out. That's when he takes another risk in doing what Rip--the guy he's never met before--asks him to do. He's never done this hero thing and knows it's likely that their screw up yet he's willing to take another leap of faith. This is partially due to his own fear of what's to come and guilt for his part in helping Mr. Mind. Once their out of danger he's only too happy to keep away from any risks--from life in general--to play mindless video games for 8 weeks straight.

In Johns/Katz run the gambling theme is very predominant. The title is called "52 pick up" featuring cards heavily on the cover. The name it's self is a joke of a game. From the introduction, hell the very first panel it's brought in to remind us of Boosters' origins. A few pages later Batman suggests they leave the choice of Booster rejoining the league to fate by flipping a coin.

Booster Gold: I've always dealt myself a bad hand. Unfortunately for me, one thing I don't do well is fold.

Not only does this bring back how he started out but it's a metaphor for the good and the bad of his life. Temptation tampered with perseverance. Loss and Gain. Love verus the Logical. It's represents the next step in his character growth by overcoming the very real ghosts from his past.

The Royal Flush Gang: A solid nod to how Booster first joined the league. Their also based on playing cards and in some cases a family. The JLA in the issue are under the impression that he paid the group to attack to buy his way onto the team. Which will come up again with Green Arrow suggesting they were hired for a publicity stunt later on. Then by Booster himself reminding Batman that Max was the one who set up the fight. Booster won but not how Max had intended. He had the R.F.G. program Ace to face the JL members--which meant that they had none of his abilities to counter. Only Booster didn't defeat Ace by his own powers but by using his brain and teamwork. Funny to note that he seems to have an easier time dealing with them the the JLA in present day issues.

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A little hint at things to come for Booster

I showed the outcome of Boosters' clash with JLI over the manhunter incident but there was one thing that's considered the most important part of Booster Gold#25  Vol. 1. DC basically screwed over all their titles for this event called Millennium, and for Booster another of his supporting cast was lost in a head-aching inducing retcon. The event was made to introduce the New Guardians, a series of adult themed stories that didn't turn out so great (look up information on their villain Snowflame to get what I mean.) 

Instead of just using the panel that's considered the most important of the book I wanted to show the whole page. Why? Well Trixie is awesome. Throughout the whole series she seems pretty meek but unless it's admitting she has a crush on Booster she'll always speak her mind. Quirkly to boot. This is a woman than threatened to cancel someone's appointment with Booster unless he apologized to a cat. ...Trust me, it was awesome. Anyway she knows Booster is upset and tells J'onn off for the league being such jerks to Booster.  J'onn flashbacks to the real reason why he's fine with letting Booster come back.


This is perhaps the only good, important or long lasting affects of this event. The New Guardians were supposed to be about the members having children to carry their so-called superior genes. While I doubt Booster is actually related to any of them (he doesn't have an active meta gene for one thing) Harbinger says that Booster will be important for the human race to evolve. Now Extreme Justice sorta used this with face palm worthy results that I assume have been retconned and forgotten for the good of man kind. But Jurgens has said it's still important but hasn't been played out yet.

This will likely be something he does involving time travel but here's another side of the coin. Whether Boosters' related to the chosen or not it's canon that his genes are advanced. The bit above came out of the premise of a group of characters with advanced genes passing those genes to their children. We know Booster is supposed to have Rip who is a genius able to understand a science he says is so complex it's nearly impossible to calculate. Yet he's the leading expert in the field that few can even understand and even minds like T.O. Morrow can't fully grasp. Rips' claims to have mastered different fighting styles from the beginning of time to the end. He's memorized events and likely languages. 

I know a lot of people say Rip will have to get his smarts from his mom but I think it's generally implied that this will come from his dad. He has to be born to ensure everything turns out okay.

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Writers Block: Booster Gold Getting Character Development or Character Derailment? Part 5

Dan Jurgens:

Writers Block: Booster Gold Getting Character Development or Character Derailment? Part 4

Chuck Dixon:

I remember one of the complaints I heard was that Booster accepted that Michelle was back at the end of Johns/Katz run so his "I need to adjust to this" moment didn't fit. I think it does as it's one thing to think "hey you're alive" and another to realize that unlike Ted his sister is there to stay. Someone who's been absent for a far longer period as well. This was the first issue where he really gets to have fun. And I mean that in the sense that he doesn't have the baggage of Teds' death or his own confidence to battle throughout this arc. Although it deals with the usual seriousness of the cause and affect of changing the timeline there's a great sense of fun. Booster gets to play to his fanboy roots. Sadly we don't get to have a mention to the twins being from Gotham but you have to love them stealing the batmobile. It gives you a sense of what Rip meant when he said Michelle would make things easier for Booster. With her around he's grounded because he has do his job and look after her. 

Michelle doesn't have his skills in the field so while he's by no means an expert of time travel at this point he's still the only one with any experience to get them out of the mess. He has a sense of humor about his situation and even a few meaningful (if one sided) exchanges with the bats. From a meta standpoint there's something very fitting about Booster helping correct time by helping another time traveler steal from a museum.
Rick Remender:

RR has a lot of ambition, I'll give him that. For those not in the know his two parter was a sorta-kinda prelude/sequel to his All New Atom run. In those issues Ryan Choi fights Chronos (David Clinton) and meets up with a lady from his past now calling herself Lady Chronos. Jai was a former sweetheart of Ryans' that basically used her female wiles to manipulate men until she could gain ultimate power. She conquers all of time until Booster appears to take Ryan home. She vows that Michael Jon Carter will pay. The problem with his writing here is that he continues to write Booster as an expert in time travel. One that automatically accepts the rules of time travel despite his previous struggles with accepting it. He's shown teaching Michelle how to be a time master despite not really, uh, mastering it himself.

Booster in fact refers to himself as a Time Master directly when he promises Starro others will stop him. This raises the question of who he thinks will do it and how many Time Masters are they implying if the only ones besides Rip and him that we know about are Michelle, Daniel and Skeets. Only Skeets actually fits the role. I do like that Booster is smart, if a little reckless when pressed for time. He is cool under the worst sort of pressure (Starros trying to tap into his brain) and never wavers in his resolve. He shows real concern for Michelle, Rip and we get our first family interaction with Daniel joining the twins.

But RR seems so willing to morph his stint as a fill in into something epic that he oversteps his bounds to introduce the concept of Booster being a father to the hero. Something that's quickly forgotten once Booster talks to Skeets. I have to agree with Jurgens that if Booster did know he was going to be a father, he'd want to get more information. It's not a plot that should be explored with a fill in and is hard to place in canon.

Writers Block: Booster Gold Getting Character Development or Character Derailment? Part 3

Geoff Johns:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Boosters' first real conflict with the league

Booster went undercover to stop the Manhunters, he just didn't tell anyone. The league believed the worst in him thinking that he just switched sides when the Manhunters were losing. He's attacked and "kidnaps" one of the Chosen the league was trying to protect to show her how much the world sucks. No matter where he goes he has to deal with crap and gets so sick of it he destroys his mansion and goes to Rips' to hop a time sphere to a better era. Only Rip doesn't have any functioning time machines and the league go to confront Booster to convience him that they want him to stay. Naturally he doesn't believe them.


Nice going Canary, calling the guy you wronged an idiot is a great way to prove you care. Maybe if you didn't come in calling him names he'd be more inclined to listen. And yeah, Jurgens has had Booster crushing on her a few times.

Got to say Rips' awfully nice for not telling them all to get the hell out of his house. He's the one in the vest next to Ted, which I think is the closest they got to meeting in any canon.

That middle panel where Booster says that people always see the worst in him makes me wince because it's so true. Trixie (his potential love interest, friend, employee and the first Goldstar) calls J'onn on his bull a few pages ago. Booster can and has endured some terrible treatment so when he's ready to jump ship it means things have gotten unbearably bad for him. And his comment on guys with capes? Yeah, he's talking about Superman.

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Writers Block: Booster Gold Getting Character Development or Character Derailment? Part 2

Greg Rucka:

Writers Block: Booster Gold Getting Character Development or Character Derailment? Part 1

Countdown to Infinite Crisis:

Written by Winick, Johns, and Rucka.

Writers Block: Rip Hunter Subtle Depth? Part 5

Giffin/J.M. DeMatteis:

J'onns' relationship with Booster

I've always been a little disappointed that nothing was ever done with J'onn and Blue and Gold. Yes, he's pretty much the father figure of their team but I never got the impression those two were that close to him. J'onn was furious with Ted for talking to tablods about Tora after she died which helped create Extreme Justice (see what you could have prevented J'onn?) There was also his last words to Ted that basically insulted and ignored him.

With Booster there's an odd bit of protectiveness and guilt. See, at the very last issue of the first BG series the heroes didn't believe Booster when he said he wasn't a traitor. The only reason they actually took him back was because Herald told J'onn that Booster was special and needed to stay in the past. Which J'onn takes to mean that Booster must never know the truth (yeah Extreme Justice has Booster and Ted knowing although they don't say how.) J'onn tiptoes around the issue to say they want Booster back and Booster doesn't really buy it until the others talk him into it.

In 52 J'onn builds a statue for Booster after his "death" lamenting that he couldn't face him after Ted died. Fire also mentions the two meeting to talk about Max before J'onn dismisses him angryly. I'd love to see J'onns' take of how Boosters' taken control of the JLI and really see the two talk. Plus interactions with Jaime would be welcomed. They came in contact once with the Titans but J'onn didn't stop to talk.

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New Add on/Retcon changes how past stories are read?

It's amazing how one panel can change the way you read past stories. Like remember during the Johns/Katz run where it was implied that Booster had a one night stand when he was drunk? Or the more infamous moment where he gets drunk to get information from Jonah Hex? Sure the scene already reads differently once you realize how Rips' related to him but now Rips' shock and horror come across in another light. I noticed that Jurgens has Booster mention drinking a beer a few times during his run, even in the issue he reveals Jons' past in #44.

I figure it's to show that Booster can unwind and hey Guy can drink beer without turning into his dad. They already established that Boosters' temperament has him acting more happy go lucky under the influence. But this is a serious topic and it sorta changes how I perceive things even though, logically, the twins shouldn't recall everything their dad did when drunk since they were so young when he left. But like I said it worries me when these things come up with poor kids that grew up on the bad side of town. DC hasn't been too kind with the cliches in regards to those characters. (example: most writers imply Jason was always doomed because he started out as a "bad seed.") 

There's also the scene where Jon tries to guilt Michael into throwing the game for him. When he tells him to "make daddy some money" he does seem a little threatening but not like these characters are usually written. Jon mostly uses guilt because he knows that works best against his son and Booster really isn't threatened when his space is invaded. He looks upset but Michelle seems to think (correctly) that his main concern is winning his dads' love. 

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Booster Gold #44, Power Girl #24 and B/R #23

Spoilers below

Batman and Robin #23: 

For some reason Winick is going with Morrisons' nonsensical rectonned red head Jason. It doesn't make sense because Jason had black hair before Bruce met him and I kinda doubt he'd be dying it when he had brain damage. Plus Morrison had Jason say Bruce made him dye it to look like Dick, creepy much? Otherwise I don't mind the change if only because it makes Jason the only one of the boys that doesn't look like a Bruce clone. I liked the issue okay but Winicks' other Jason work has been miles beyond this. Mostly I was caught by the meta things. The variant cover has Jasons' mug shot with Robin "no 2", the prisoner number is the issue numbers he was Robin. 

Jason hints that no one has come to visit him. Et tu Alfred? They think Arkham is the safest place for him? Really? The one with all the crazies that escape and usually has his murderer staying there? Yeah, that's cold, and they wonder why he has issues with the family? Of course it's laughable that they thought he would be in danger in a normal prison. Also, he reads Pride and Prejudice? Now I have the image of all the Robins as the Bennetts. Dick/Jane, Jason/Elizabeth, Tim/Mary, etc. Alfred would be Mr. Bennett of course...does that make Bruce Mrs. Bennett?

Power Girl #24:

Not much to say about this issue although I liked it. A tragic misunderstanding that leads to the wrongful imprisonment of an innocent man. I'm wondering if the agent pestering Karen will be the rumored loved interest. He and Rayhan both seem cool. I was kinda hoping for Boos--someone else but this has potential. 

Booster Gold #44:
I liked it as the first introduction issues but here are a few things that jumped out at me. Rani, as Jurgens promised, is still present although just mentioned here. Just how the past run of BG, JLGL and TMVP mesh is beyond me. I'm not even going to sweat it anymore because the BG issues don't fit beyond the first couple of issues. Jurgens has also admitted to not telling all of Boosters' past as he thinks the potential for future stories is fun to play with. He had these ideas for years. Well the most shocking part of the issue for me wasn't the Flashpoint stuff it was the reveal that not only did Jon abandon his family with his gambling debt he abused the twins mom. It's unclear if he did the same with the kids. 

This is a huge game changer because revealing abuse does change my perception of the characters. It also explains why Jurgens said Booster had an interest in learning how to fight. It makes me less certain why Booster (under Johns) would want to get to know the man, especially since this issue has him calling the day his father left the first moment of peace the family ever had. Booster also says that the league kicked him out once the big guns came back. Even back then they were jerks. 

I've been waiting for a Doomsday rematch. Next issue should be fun although I miss getting Booster four times a month in three books.

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Writers Block: Rip Hunter Subtle Depth? Part 2

Chuck Dixon:

Other than Rip getting shot by Alfred (or not the time travel was a little confusing) there's not any real change in his character. There was a cute moment where Rip seems to be pleased that he managed to shock Booster by bringing Michelle back. And a nice bit where Rip thinks Booster doesn't take his victories into account enough. This hints at a sense of humor at the irony his family doesn't get.. Nothing that's really new.

He tells everyone what the problems are, offers Booster encouragement and that's pretty much it. Perhaps the set up of the time knife plot that Jurgens has Dixon start was showing that Rip didn't realize the problem wasn't solved. Then again he wasn't around when the knife was in play for either story. 

Rick Remender:

Admittedly there are flaws in this story (more on that in the Booster section) but I am rather fond of how Remender writes Rip into the plot in this two parter. It's the first real concern we see Booster display over Rip in this series. Okay, yeah he was worried when Rip was shot under Dixon but that was quickly pushed out of the way to get the twins to fix the problem on their own. But Booster tells Michelle and later Lady Chronos of all the good Rip has done and how he deserves a helping hand.

It shows how truly screwed everyone would be if Rip fell into the wrong hands (tentacles, etc.) that would use his information for their own purposes. Remender also drives home the creepiness of the Starros when the ever level-headed Rip Hunter freaks out over having one tapped into his brain. There's real affection Booster feels for Rip and a similar protective vibe Rip gets when Lady Chronos starts to put the moves on his dad. Hey, I'm a sucker for families that show concern for each other. And letting emotions get the better of Rip was a nice change of pace.

Writers Block: Rip Hunter Subtle Depth? Part 1

Unlike Michelle the history of Rip Hunter is longer than the efforts of a handful of writers. In fact out of the four characters I'm writing these Writer Block metas on he's the character that's been around the longest. But his retconned origins have changed so this Rip doesn't share the same history as his pre-crisis and post-crisis counterparts. This change starts going into effect just before Infinite Crisis.

Geoff Johns:

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Writers Block: Michelle Carter Independent Woman or just Boosters' sister? Part 5


Writers Block: Michelle Carter Independent Woman or just Boosters' sister? Part 4

Dan Jurgens (Take Two):

Writers Block: Michelle Carter Independent Woman or just Boosters' sister? Part 3

Chuck Dixon:

There seems to be some confusion over what has and will occur. I'm not sure if this has to do with Dixons' issues with DC, writer miscommunication or a number of things. Let's just say that Michelle doesn't come off as the brightest crayon in the box. When Boosters' starting to realize that his sister is back for good it noticeably rattles him. It's something he says he has to get used to. Michelle doesn't pick up on any of the telltale signs that something's wrong. She apparently doesn't pay attention as she's shocked to learn that Boosters' a time cop. Despite Johns having Rip fill her in on Boosters' mission and then Booster taking her out to lunch to discuss the whole thing. Hmm, maybe that's why she didn't pick up on things faster, she doesn't like to listen to others. Regardless she has fun with Booster and jumps into the fray despite her confusion with time travel. I do like the little touch that Dixon and Jurgens add with her scene with Barbara. It shows that Michelle has a little arrogance as she smugly wears the Batgirl suit in front of it's owner. Maybe a little telling that she taunts Babs for needing daddy as the twins have their own issues with their father and Michelle is used to fending for herself.

Rick Remender


There's some good stuff and bad in his two part fill in. Continuing the trend of teaching Michelle the rope of being a Time Master she struggles to help her brother save the timeline despite not fully understanding it. There is a nice bonding moment where we see that the twins make plans to go to different events together. Remender doesn't know what Michelle's suit does and it shows where she's able to blast just like Booster. Of course since bringing her back the character hasn't used her powers but still I like it when things are better researched. Especially since he already has a lot of details from other stories weaved in. While Michelle doesn't last long in the fight it's hinted at her being a source of strength for Booster during dark times in the future. Something that was sort of implied by Johns having RIp say that Michelle will make the mission easier for Booster. Not a horrible take, a little glitchy but not a particular strong one either.

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Writers Block: Michelle Carter Independent Woman or just Boosters' sister? Part 2

Geoff Johns:

Writers Block: Michelle Carter Independent Woman or just Boosters' sister? Part 1

I'm trying not to go back to use examples of characterization before CTIC but Michelle is a special case. She barely has any material and only (to my knowledge) has had seven writers write her. So to understand the different takes you have to start at the beginning to see who Michelle Carter started out as.

Dan Jurgens (Take One Vol. 1):

Writers Block: Maxwell Lord Friend or fiend? Part 5

Judd Winick:

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Writers' Block: Maxwell Lord Friend or fiend? part 1

I had this idea to compare Booster Gold writers, their cliches, their versions of characters, etc. The problem is that there's a whole lot of material to go over. Instead of choosing a writer and going through their run I decided to break it down to how the writer(s) styles mesh and/or differ. I chose a controversial subject to start with: the characterization of Maxwell Lord. Focusing on CTIC forward.

Geoff Johns:

The rest of the meeting

After Max tells Booster he's invited to join the league Boosters' thrilled. So much so his mood underwear turns from the previous red rage to the white light of life...or the colorist messed up. Whichever. He is in such a good mood that he floats with his crotch near Maxs' eye level. Yeah. Max makes certain Booster doesn't alert the press to this development although Booster has to ask if the league pays it's members. Max tells Booster not to make him regret his decision. Booster huffs a little over his answer before thinking it's still a pretty sweet deal and hey Black Canary might be single.


Oh yeah, and Booster wanted to be chairman of the league despite never being on a team of superheroes before. He was so shy in the first few JLI issues and that's not surprising, he was starstuck before he even entered the team.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Booster first meets Max

A lot of people don't know that they actually met before Booster was asked to come to Maxs' office in JL. It wasn't really like most of Maxs' meetings where people just stood around staring helplessly as Max took over something or assuming people would just do what he wanted. He wasn't quite as smooth as usual and underestimated Booster a little. This wasn't long after Booster returned from the future (you can tell by the hair cut) and had been gone for months because of over jumping with the time machine. His security system wasn't really up yet, something Max took advantage of. Before time traveling Booster was trying to figure out how to join the JL but couldn't even find their number. So what does Max do to recruit him? Breaking in Boosters' mansion in the middle of the night! Only Max didn't know that Booster was a former college football player or that he wouldn't be too stunned to react.