Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sent by Rip Hunter to pick up an artifact in the year 3082, a misunderstanding led to Booster Gold arriving a few days later than Hunter wanted. Instead he's found himself in the middle of the Great Darkness War. While there he made a valiant effort to save a group of tourists visiting Damax when the planet was overtaken by Darkseids' influence. Among the group was Rani, an orphaned child who just lost her foster parents in the disaster. With no other options left Booster managed to escape the planet with Rani in tow. Since then the girl has stayed at the Time Lab with the Carter twins and Rip Hunter. Although Booster himself has had little time to care for the child between missions. Currently Rip and Boosters' sister Michelle look after her in his absence. 

Unclear Future?: The rules of time travel have been a little hazy but Rip has claimed that the past is solid and the future is more flexible. As such it isn't clear if Rani was supposed to die or if her future has yet to be mapped out. 

First Appearance: Booster Gold #32 Vol. 2

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black Beetle

Not much is known about the man called the Black Beetle. Within the ranks of the Time Stealers he pretended to be a future Blue Beetle from the 27th century that offered Booster Gold a chance to save his friend Ted Kord. Whether the Time Stealers themselves were fooled by him is questionable as Mr. Mind assumed he was a man named Joshua. Whenever Black Beetle shows up deception can be assured as his supposed origin changes during each appearance, sometimes within a few minutes of the last telling. Even his goals are elusive as he mislead Rip Hunter and Booster Gold to gain more power with the mysterious Red Scarab


Since then he seems to be searching for more scarabs to make himself a greater force to be reckoned with.

Powers: Since the Black Beetles' origins aren't known whether he actually has a scarab from the Reach like the one Jaime Reyes has isn't clear. In one of the tales he spins he states that he murdered Hector, a former tech support friend of Jaimes' who had taken such a scarab named "Djo Zha." When Hector said that was his name a woman mistakenly referred to him as "Joshua." As Black Beetle was known to Mind by this name it suggest he knows the origin and perhaps has the scarab. So far he's only been shown flying, time traveling and blasting energy. It should be noted that the energy was enough to fry Beatriz da Costa (Fire) in one timeline. Without the Red Scarab he needs to leech constant chronal energy for time travel jumps. With it he claims that he won't have difficulties anymore.     

Identities Black Beetle has claimed: That he was a future Blue Beetle from the 27th century. "Joshua." "Jaime Reyes' greatest enemy" who vowed vengeance after Jaime took her away from him. Hector. Jaime' future self.

Allies: He has used associates he has worked with such as the Time Stealers, T.O. Morrow, Trigon and Lex Luthor to get what he wants. Black Beetle has shown loyalty to no one.

Enemies: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle 3) and Booster Gold have fought against him. Neither one faired well as he managed to outmaneuver both of them. Although he blindsided Rip Hunter as well Hunter was the only one who was able to catch Black Beetle by surprise and stopped him from killing his intended victims. 

First Appearance: Booster Gold #4 Vol.2 (In silhouette) and BG #5 Vol. 2 (full view.)