Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Justice League Dark #1


Teen Titans #1


Short reads and new review plan?

I got Teen Titans and Justice League Dark. I already read TT and I'm struck by how short it seemed. I mean JLI seemed a lot longer by comparison, likely because it had more characters in it but still. Superboy, which was written by the same writer as TT also seemed longer as well. 

I haven't even started on the reviews yet but I think I'll try to post them either Thursday or Friday. Next month I think I'll drop a couple books, Captain Atom for sure. The reviews will be a little different since I'll be dropping the introduction summaries for the characters. We'll see if Lady Flashpoint sticks around for another month. At present I feel it's still far too early to judge the relaunch as a whole. There have been good and bad changes but I think we all can agree that their taking some chances. We'll see if they pay off.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Since the topic of text size came up in the past I was wondering something. I was wondering if whiting out spoilers bugs anyone. Not really tags per se but you can read it just fine if highlighted. I've been thinking of doing it for things that are too short to fit under cuts. Like for example:

Booster Gold is actually Michael Jon Carter and his son is Rip Hunter.

Yes? No?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is the second time this happened!

I know that we comic readers are excited when new books come out but things should have warnings on them. Hey I had some trouble with cut tags before I figured out the new format for blogs but I tried to keep the big things under wraps or wait to post certain things. Posting images from a comic the day before it's released with bold text telling what happened isn't cool. I've been waiting for this book for awhile and while yes, it was a shocking reveal I'm more ticked off that it was spoiled before I got a chance to read it! The same thing happened to me back in Booster Gold #30, someone had to reveal the plot twist regarding future Booster and it completely ruined the surprise.

I read the spoilers for Superboy beforehand because I didn't think I was going to get it. That's one is on me but I'm going to be paying money on these comics and in most cases I want to be surprised so I can experience it in full. I'll be writing on what this spoiler was in my upcoming review but this seriously irks me. It's like if someone ran up to a movie goer in line for Star Wars The Empire Strike Back and said, "Luke's dad is Darth Vader!" Of course in that scenerio you would at least get to give that person a piece of your mind in person.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Red Hood and the Outlaws preview

This makes me very happy, if Kory is written well then this will be perfect. I know some won't think so because of the killing but they are going up against killers. I like exploring the grey areas. :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Superboy #1

SPOILERS and reason for adding this under the cut

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They did WHAT to the Wall?

I haven't been able to go to my LCS and won't be able to for a while. I guess, it's unclear. Not sure if I should get all my stuff next week or get my weekly picks online. Anyway the Suicide Squad has been getting some attention since their odd redeisgn of Halrey Quinn. But what have they done to Waller?! Part of her appeal was how she looked and how badass she was. I don't believe this woman can get the job done.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Carter Family Tree

I've been thinking about doing a few of these for awhile. Although this isn't as complex as the Superman or Batman family trees (which I also considered doing) I figure it was a good place to start.

At the moment the Carters aren't quite as complex as you'd think. Although I should make a few notes about the choices I made. According to an interview Johns did as Booster Gold/Skeets Jon is a shortened version of the 25th century name Jonar, which means "he who tries and fails." Since it wasn't in the book I didn't put Jonar and Boosters' middle name has always simply been Jon. To the best of my knowledge the twins mother has never been named. So the question marks are the obvious answer for those who aren't given names like Boosters' future wife and Rips' real name.

Michelle was never given a middle name although CTIC had her listed as Michelle A. Carter on the checkmate list. This seems a little random, and since Booster has his fathers' name as his middle name I'd assume this was a family tradition of sorts. That Michelles' middle name is actually their mothers. (Or Rips' is Michael.) Rani isn't listed because it's unclear if she still exists and just what her relation would be to the family. I'd assume that Michelle would have adopted her but until things are cleared up I'm not going to put her in the family tree.

Reasons for Ted being retcon?

I heard someone suggest it was to give Jaime the sole role as Blue Beetle which doesn't make sense to me. His appearances on TV always made it clear that he wasn't the first. Smallville might not have had Ted as a BB but Dan was still mentioned (not a great mention but it was still there.) Brave and the Bold made a bigger deal out of this with Jaime finding out about Ted and Boosters' reaction to his death.

But then I remembered Didio mentioning Max not being evil so much as trying to do what was right for the world. So if Teds' time as BB is gone was that to help *ahem* boost Max up back to his shades of gray roots? Why did Booster mature if Ted never met him and died? Are we supposed to take this as an implication that Ted actually held him back from maturing earlier? That Rip proved to be enough of an influence to help him change? That the other heroes are now more jerky than Booster so he figured it was his time to show you don't have to be grim and gritty?

I'm not actually worried about this. If it does factor into the stories it won't happen for awhile anyway. I'm just curious.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Justice League Dark trailer

This was the last one I added to my pull list and it recently came out with a trailer. Some of the trailers DC released haven't been the greatest but I have to say that so far this my favorite. The beginning almost starts off like something you'd expect from a scary movie. And when the cast is introduce you want to see more. Nicely done.

Why don't people list Rip?

Whenever there are lists for who's the smartest human characters in DC Rip always seems to be forgotten or brought up only to be forgotten. I don't agree with some of the usual choices. When you're talking about intelligence immortals like Vandal Savage get listed just for experiencing things more? If Mr. Terrific is the undisputed number #3 then shouldn't the others have similar skill sets in science and experts of whatever field(s) they study? I know Bruce Wayne is smart but I don't rank that in the same terms, if I did Max Lord would rival him.

I could understand the normal DCU not knowing where to place an unknown like Rip but he's listed as the guy who invented time travel! Something very few people in DCU even understand or control. He's an inventor, knows countless customs/history, master chess player and was regularly invited into the lab of Brainy 5. A family friend that very likely acted as his teacher. That should at the VERY LEAST rank the top 5.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rips' only on panel kiss

Okay, technically he was kissed in the Silver Age but that was only on the cheek. I haven't gone through all his appearances yet but based on the summaries I've read I'm inclined to believe it's the only kiss he ever gets. Post-Crisis Bonnie actually had more romantic interests in this mini series and believe me when I say this is by far the nicest. (Seriously all the others over sexualize her to ridiculous lengths.) For some reason this goes south right afterward as Bonnie freaks out a little and the two mostly yell at each other throughout the rest of the mini. Oh and Rip makes faces as she snuggles up to her other love interests. I have yet to discover Rip having any other loves besides Bonnie.

Which is kinda funny because Booster hasn't kissed many women on panel either. More than Rip has, to my knowledge there's only been three. The first with a random date, the second with his actual love interest and one that may be out of canon. Carter men must not express their emotions much with their lovers. Still there was that one time it was implied that Rip and Jeff shared a bed in college...

Who is the Flashpoint Lady?

She obviously has to be a time traveler right? My first guess would be a new character Johns is building up or even a obscure one. But why not have fun coming up with guesses? Even if I have little hope of any of these being right.

Liri Lee? Last seen as the new Waverider/Linear Woman in Time Masters Vanishing Point. She has new powers we haven't seen explored too much. Plus in one timeline she became the Time Trapper, who usually sports a hood like this. Actually the Linear Men first appeared in hooded cloaks calling themselves the Brotherhood. Liri was known for being the one that bent the rules.

Lena Luther? Daughter of Lex Luthor, granted the first version is gone but she has connections to Brainiac and may be back in another form. As the big B has recently created a kid with Luthors' genes. Scott Lobdell has teased Superboy meeting his half-sister. Seems unlikely though.

Stephanie Brown! Bet you didn't see that one coming! She has taken the name of Spoiler to heart and goes to every book to find out what will happen to post the Spoilers online so she can ruin the relaunch. Superboy Prime helps her because he wants his own ongoing or at least a special when he beats up the Titans.

Bonnie Baxter? Yeah she was erased by Jason Goldstein BUT Flashpoint happened. If she's still a Time Master she'd want to right things.

Alex from the last Booster Gold arc. Many, including myself, thought she was the original woman on the JLI cover. She still exists in some form and knows time has changed. Raises questions but she's the only character that comes to mind that was directly related to Flashpoint.

Rani? Hey we never did know what her future was. And she was absent during Boosters' return to the Time Lab. Even if she's not an "official" Carter that family does like to sneak into crowds and provide easter eggs/break the fourth wall with the audience.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interview with JLI crew

The duo talk about JLI, the friction on the team, who's the artist favorite to draw, etc.

Monday, September 5, 2011

JLI #1 Preview

It certainly raises a lot of questions, doesn't it?
SPOILERS below as I give my two cents about the content.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Booster related sell out

Justice League #1 sold out and is already going into it's third printing. Also on the list is Action Comics #1, Batgirl #1, Batman and Robin # 1, Justice League International #1 and Hawk and Dove #1. Curious to see who else joins this list.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking the Spot on the cover

The dark haired mystery lady from the first cover disappeared and now Lady Godvia takes her spot. More timeline problems or change of plans?

Predictions for Pull List

I wasn't interested enough to get the main Flashpoint series because I'm not a Barry Allen fan nor really into Flash in general. And I have no desire to pick up Justice League no matter who is doing the book. I'm just not into those characters enough. But there are some books I'm thinking about getting. Depending how how good they are we'll see how long I stick with them. I can be pretty ruthless with what I'm going to drop and I almost stopped getting Booster Gold when Giffin/DeMatteis were on.

Ironically it turned out that their last arc was the one I would decide whether I was staying or not. Not counting mini/max series, tpbs and back issues of the first BG run I believe it's the only series I have a complete run of. No matter how much I love a character there are some things I can't support. Usually it's a different writer that can't get the character voices right, or something that wanes my interest. That's one of the reasons even thinking about trying out 10 issues is a big thing for me.

So, what do I expect from these series at present?