Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time Masters mini Character Summaries: Dan Hunter

Between his Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths timeline and his Pre-Infinite Crisis storyline there was a Rip Hunter that would do anything he could to stop the world from a disaster that would be brought on by nuclear war thanks to a group called the Illuminati. The problem was that, at this juncture, there was no perfect means to time travel. There was one method that a single person could use to travel in the timestream and back before that method became dangerous for the traveler to use again. Thus Rip needed to research different ways to achieve his goal.

Needing to fund his time operations, and not getting anywhere with investors Rip Hunter asks his cousin Daniel Hunter for assistance. At first Daniel is more of a party goer than a serious investor. Over time he came to see how deep the Illuminati organization went and wanted to do his part. 

 Taking his own turn at trying to change the course of history Daniel teamed up with Tomahawk to halt what Rip believed would be the Illuminati assassinating George Washington and replacing him with a double. While on his mission Daniel fell in love with a woman named Laughing Fawn and decided to stay in the past. While there he promised to start the Hunter family fortune. Daniels' fate would led him to be skinned alive by the Lord Gerald Shilling. Daniel Hunter would be one of the three Heroes of the Rebellion to be celebrated in Gotham Town in December 31, 1799.