Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Character Death hits rock bottom

SPOILERS for Injustice comic/game

Sit in Batmans' lap

It's cool but there has to be some kids that would freak out over sitting in the scary mans' lap. It would be funny if the seats in the bat mobile looked like this.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

All Star Westren 19

I wasn't thrilled with BOP, Sword of Sorcery was excellent but is ending and the last two pages of RHATO ruined a otherwise good issue. Solution? Booster Gold goodness.

I haven't read the back up yet but I wanted to write about this one.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19

Bad Guy: Bet you wish you had your butler here to hide behind.
Jason Todd: (smiling) My butler would kick your ass all the way back to Gotham City.

Have I mentioned how much I love the bits with Jason and Alfred? Anyway, this takes off after Batman and Red Hood #20 although only one spoiler was given from that.


Sword of Sorcery #7


Birds of Prey #19

Since I'm a big fan of Sword of Sorcery (or at least the main feature) I wanted to see if I like BOP better with Christy Marx as the writer. I'll try this out for a few issues to see if I want to keep it on my pull list.

The Awkward Sleeping Arrangements of the Worlds Finest

I took two things away from this: Clark will sleep in his glasses in the dark to protect his ID and Bruce steals the covers.

How do you solve a problem like Dick Grayson? And Tim Drake?

DC struggles with what to do with the bat kids. There's currently no place for two former Batgirls, currently Barbara doesn't have anything really going for her besides being Batgirl. After YEARS of DC mishandling Jasons' character Lobdell has put him in a good direction that hopefully others will follow. As for the first boy wonder and the third? DC has had a problem with what to do with Dick for awhile and no one in Gotham seems to be that close to Tim. But some of these problems popped up before the new 52.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Batwing TPB Vol. 2

I think this first volume was stronger than the second but still enjoyable.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Booster in the wild, wild west

Remember when Booster dressed up as Woody from Toy Story to get information from Hex in the wild west? To do it he had to get drunk, and Skeets "rode" a horse. Good times. To bad it's not canon anymore.

Or is it?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time Warp #1

I mentioned that I was getting this one and it may be my first Vertigo title. This of course is about Time Travel and has Rip Hunter in it. Clearly a must buy.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Plot change for Tynions' RHATO?

I wonder what the story was for the big change with the covers for this months' WTF issue. Yeah I know the artist left but why did the WTF element change?

Thanks for addressing this Geoff Johns

Adoption has always been a stable of comics. I wasn't pleased to see how writers tend to favor the blood related children as being the "real deal" downplaying the importance and missing the point entirely.
Because others have been taken in and treated as these heroes children. Both the parent(s) and the children see themselves as family as do outsiders. Ignoring that is insulting and it's not how comics have been written (at least at DC) for a long time. Superman is adopted and that's a huge factor for the kind of man he became. In the last 'verse Lois and him even took in a child of their own.

While Batman has parented children in canon and different universes there's never been any doubt that the Robins (at least the boys) are his sons regardless of their parentage.  So I'm very pleased to see this talked about in the newest Justice League preview. SPOILERS under the cut.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Retold stories for the new 52?

I was thinking how the 52 started out at a certain point then went back to explain certain things, but a lot has changed making those stories different too. Would anybody be interested in new updated versions of those stories? I wouldn't mind a DITF that's actually good and makes sense. Maybe just the bad ones?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Batman and Red Robin #19

The grieving period for Damians' death hasn't been well received. I'm not talking about the fact he was killed off but rather how forced the "Requiem" plots feel for readers. The only title that actually seems like the obvious place to explore it without making it seem out of place would be this title. Since some of my problems with this series stemmed from how Tomasi wrote Damian and reduced the other Robins I hoped that this title would be easier to read. It's a mixed bag.

And You Thought Rip was mean to Booster

To the surprise of no one I got Time Warp, a Vertigo time travel one shot book. Rip had a brief story that makes no sense when you think about it and would have been forgettable if not for one thing. What a jerk he is to himself. Seriously that has to be the best part of the whole book.

Above is one of his nicer moments. He also calls his past self an idiot and an asshole, among other things. Oh and he says what we're all thinking about the beard.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Injustice SPOILER

As if the game and comic didn't already piss off enough fans.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bad Timing for DOTF?

The fall out seems to vary from title to title going from the "I need space" to the extreme of family members ignoring Bruce. The worst two seem to be Barbara and Dick, something that seems a little petty on their part after Damians' death. On the flip side Joker actually took things too far with Jason which resulted in Bruce and him reconnecting.

How writers try to mesh the aftermath of DOTF and Damians' death hasn't been that great. It's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to Batman and Robin since everyone will be reacting to the latter. Since Barbara and Dick haven't been that fond of Bruce lately it will likely be the first time since either event that their try to comfort him.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Very WTF worthy DC and Cool too

Big SPOILERS for Batman and Robin #19 as it's cover brings in a surprise.

Monday, April 1, 2013

I can't believe I missed this

Flipping through Batman 18 I noticed something I missed the first time.

I saw the I-pod Damian listened to all the time, and even a violin (Jason had a guitar in his room making wonder if Tim and Dick played instruments too. Anyone know?) But I didn't notice this. See what's on the mantle of the fireplace?

Bruce loves his sons

Maybe it's a little hard for him to say it at times--
--but he'll show how much he cares about them. That--
--he'll always love them and always want them back in the family.
Just don't try to hug him first. He doesn't like that.
Happy April Fools Day.

More Releases after Joker

I'm not sure of the order but there will be Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

Oookay Then

I think Bruce has gotten a little desperate to build his family up. I mean he's got more kids than any other superhero I can think of. Still Damian turned into a tube baby so it's not like he has to carry to term by himself. I just want to know who the mother is. Or father because Lex Luthor + Superman= Superboy happened in canon.