Friday, August 29, 2014

Mark Hamil Impersonator Voices DOTF

Or at least the tie in in RHATO #17 where leaves Jason a message before giving him a parting gift.

Artist Designer Greg Capullo Line: Nightwing

I thought I might as well open this one since I have all of the Outlaws together. Things...things didn't turn out quite like I thought they would.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Secret Origins #5

I don't plan to make it a thing to get this series too often but with no other new comics this week I'm not going to complain.


Funny thing about the Lazarus Pit

Granted there have been a lot of odd rules but the funniest I found was the explanation for nudity Rucka wrote. Apparently people have had their clothes removed prior to taking a dip because the pit will burn them off regardless. I call this the rule of cake (cheesecake/beefcake.) Although this naked clause doesn't always go with the artwork I can't help but smile when it happens or wince at the awkwardness.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Superman and the Man of Gold

Last week I saw the Booster Gold digest and I bought it assuming it was a's not. This is set in the Justice League Unlimited verse in The Man Of Steel series. Which is basically a book with ten illustrations. I haven't read it yet but here are some highlights from skimming.

The Discussion questions at the end, Rip Hunters' cameo (he gets a picture too) & Jurgens' ice cream. As for the favorite picture question, that's a hard one. There's Skeets in a police hat. Rip talking to Superman while Booster is being praised. Booster trying to keep himself from being crushed by his own image in the literal sense. There are others that I like but the winner has to be Booster carrying Lois down to a crowd of cheering fans while holding a ice cream cone in his other hand. All of the pictures with him give him so much personality.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What to expect from the Future Ends Tie Ins?

Or as I saw it called filler month, has stated that these are only "possible" futures for their characters but that doesn't mean that seeds Future Ends aren't mixed in. Do these tales have anything to do with the current plots? Will there being any stand out books? Just some musings/predictions for my pull list next month. No real spoilers just things I've seen in the solicits, current stories and interviews. Here's what I'm getting:

Grayson: I have no idea since I dropped after the first issue if this will hint future plots or not. I'm getting this out of curiosity for where they see Dick being in 5 years. I still can't see the spy thing lasting that long for the character since the media knows him better as Robin then Nightwing. Still it's only a possible future. This will apparently take place in Russia and have him taking on the Red Star costume? Maybe that's just the cover. I can't see this affecting much outside of hints of things to come in its own title. Maybe a nod to something that's going on in the background in FE at most.

Batwoman: The current storyline apparently has the vampire angle being teased at. Will Kate become a vampire in present time? I can't see them doing it but it would definitely make her different than the other bats. I'm also interested in seeing Nocturna who they finally made a vampire despite her not previously being one. I have a soft spot for her being pre-crisis Jason Todds' adopted mom for a time.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: This will be dark, likely the darkest thing in this series so far. I have no idea what will happen to Kori as she hasn't been mentioned but apparently the guys aren't on friendly terms. They all go their separate ways which explains a little of Roy's sudden turn into his pre-Flashpoint self (minus the aghast and kid?)

Booster Gold: this is said to be the book that shows the biggest hint of what the future of DC will be in FE. It's also the only tie in that's not an ongoing title. This will be the first time Boosters' been written by Jurgens since the last issue of JLI which is another perk. I'm looking forward to this the most because even if the future is dark there's always hope as long as Booster is around. I have no idea what to expect although I believe this has multiple artists which is rarely good especially for a one shot.

Will any of these characters die in the tie ins? Likely, I'll be surprised if RHATO doesn't kill two of the leads. Roy being semi safe since he's in the main series. If these are all really depressing I might rank them in order from most angsty to least. I'm guessing Booster will be the lightest in tone. Should be interesting to see how off I am.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dan Jurgens talks Superman and Booster Gold

Or rather Death of Superman and why Booster Gold works. Nothing really new added in the interview (unless there's something in the video which I haven't watched) I just like seeing Booster brought up.