Monday, August 31, 2015

Breif Character Study: Killer Croc

I always got the impression the writers never knew what to do with Croc. Is he a cannibalistic monster or a misunderstood individual? I was happy to see the writers finally making him a more sympathetic character in the relaunch.

Batman Day Reminder

For those who (like myself) forgot it's on September 26. I have no idea what my LCS is doing but it could be fun...if I'm not working.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tony Daniel talks about the Bat family

I'm not planning on getting Batman and Robin Eternal but this has a preview of the art. Plus Daniels talks about the bat kids and after his past writing them, well let's just say I was curious.

Thoughts about parts of the interview below.

What titles would you do?

I've been longing for another series to follow and thinking what could fill the gap. Here's some ideas:

  • Time Masters/Booster Gold: I've been over this a few times but it needs to star Booster, Rip, Skeets and Michelle.
  • Magic Title: I'm not sure what but I loved Sword of Sorcery, Demon Knights, and some of JLD. I'd really love to see something done with the first two series. Mystic U was delayed without us ever getting details. It might be interesting.
  • Batwoman: With a new writer because I miss the old Kate. And if their not going to use Bette let someone else use her.
  • Robin Chronicles: I really feel like these stories need to be told of Dick, Jason and Tims' Robin days. It feels like we're missing a lot. With the right writer this could be amazing.
  • New Superhero: I really like Doomed and how it created a new character to follow. It even has a pretty obscure one making a return. It's fun to see new blood and I welcome the chance to have more new series. I just need to be sold on the concept and creative team.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'd like different takes for certain characters that I don't like being revamped but that's another list. I might also like to see something done after Titans Hunt depending on how good it is.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Any Writers You Boycott ?

I always see comments about being supportive to favorite creators. But has there either been a writer or writers that for whatever reason you can't stand to the point you refuse to buy anything with their name on it ? That you don't want to see writing your favorite characters ? Or hope someone undoes the damage they created ?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Booster Gold Series ?

Honestly this is just a rumor for now since it currently has no source but I'm kinda desperate for comic news on Booster. At least any news that doesn't have to do with JL3001. If this is true Jurgens might not be involved since he's on Batman Beyond. I'm curious how it would be done since everything we thought we knew got turned on its head.

DC have been attempting to do something with Booster for awhile although plans seem to have changed more than once. So even if the rumor is true it doesn't mean they can't fall through. There are a lot of loose ends from Convergence that need to be explored. Skeets needs to be there and so does Rip. And oddly enough the new Boosters' origin needs to be explained since we don't know who hired him and who was working on the time sphere. We may be in for a surprise.

DC taking drastic measures?

I heard that DCYOU wasn't doing so well but yeesh! To sum up it's speculated that DC might cut it's losses by reducing page rates, more ads, canceling titles (this was a given) and more of a focus on trades. Which could be bad for certain writers that don't want to write 6 issue arcs for trades. Creators were also told to stop "Batgirling" so many titles which is great but I mainly want them to undo what happened to Starfire. It also looks like Jim Lees' claim that canon matters more than continuity might not be the case anymore. I really don't want BE to have anymore focus outside the series so this could really suck.

Aspects of these stories have also been confirmed by ex-DC editor Heidi MacDonald, who added her own take, regarding co-publisher Dan Didio, saying “the tone of the DC You books was definitely not his decision. However I’ve heard from multiple sources that with the “NĂ¼ Look DC” failing to excite retailers and readers, DiDio’s way is making a comeback. It’s still early on all this—although some of the ideas I’ve heard being floated around are shocking—so it’s too soon to tell if this means a return to a tightly interwoven overarching continuity or just a return to DC’s house style.”