Friday, August 31, 2012

Justice League International Annual

I decided to pull the bandaid off and just read this thing.


Worlds' Finest #0 Preview

Oh I like this preview, if the whole series turns out like this I'd love it. Honestly these pages are better than anything that's been in the book so far. A look into the girls' home life, how Bruce and Clark differ as parent figures, and the awesomeness that is Selina. Love the nod with her costume. If nothing else this may have me reconsidering dropping the title or at least reading another issue.

On another topic: Yes I got the JLI Annual, but I haven't been able to get past the first page. I just have no desire to read it right now. One thing was spoiled for me before I could get the book despite doing everything I could to avoid spoilers. This is going to seriously piss me off, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 of 10 top Booster Gold Stories

1. Booster becomes a leader and meets his match

Justice League: Generation Lost. I admit it took me a while to chose the one spot and yes this is for the Booster related parts. I picked this one because of how well it develops the characters' journey and explores things that weren't really seen in other books. It even promotes Skeets from a sidekick to an active member of the league. Skeets fits in well as he provides information and is even treated like an equal. While other writers would backtrack on Boosters' character development to have him relapse in his grief over Ted Kord (an issue that had already been accepted under Jurgens) Winick doesn't focus on that aspect. Sure Teds' death is mentioned at least twice since Booster is fighting his friends' murderer and the lie that's spread over Teds' death. But those are really minor points in the story. Booster takes command so naturally his teammates are shocked to realize their following him.

This touches on plot points that have been developing for years as Booster proves how much he's grown as a Time Master. He doesn't have to struggle with being an outsider in the superhero community that never gets any credit for his deeds. He's already living that life and provides strength to his teammates. At the end most of them are in the dark about his true work but all of his friends know how heroic he is. Issues like dragging Jaime along are briefly brought up further cementing their growing relationship.

The thing that really helps this one stand out is the fact that Booster Gold finally has a worthy arch-enemy. As much as I adored the Broderick story the character more or less had a truce with our hero. Mr. Mind and most of the Time Masters were more known for being rogues for other heroes. While Black Beetle had the makings of a good villain we don't know his backstory. We don't know if he has any personal history with Booster and really he seemed more like a foe for Rip. For the first time since Maxwell Lord went bad he has depth. His fondness for Booster is clear and makes a compelling story. It's making the best out of a bad situation (making Lord a bad guy in the first place.) Max helped Booster live out his dream of being part of a Justice League. It's only logical that bond should be explored.

In the flashback Max likes how gutsy Booster is and it doesn't seem farfetched in saying he sees someone that shares the same qualities he has. More than any other story since we learn of Boosters' destiny this tale fills in a gap between Booster the class clown and the Time Master. I'm not sure if Winick realized this when he wrote it but think about it. While heroic Booster doesn't quite have the drive nor the skill with outwitting his enemies. I kept wondering where he'd learn these things since he becomes the best of the best. When he becomes the man that teaches Rip Hunter how to mastermind a chessmaster like plot that keeps him ahead of his enemies. Max Lord is the type of foe that instantly fills in that gap. He offers something all good enemies give the hero, a challenge they have to meet to better themselves. It's a shame that plot like so many others will never get explored.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Justice League book and the other news

Apparently Liefield has said some unpleasant things since my last post including a fight with Scott Snyder (who comes off looking far better.)*sigh*

Anyway the main news that broke was a new Justice League book. I have no interest in said book or really see the point in it. I kind of feel like JLI was forced to shut down just for this book to exist. Maybe that's not true but the idea that a bunch of misfits coming together under the management of a government? That kinda sounds a little like JLI. At least people got back some of their favorites (yes Vibe has fans), J'onn is back in a league and Catwoman gets more focus. Other than that I really have no interest. I suppose this means more cancelled titles and more new books. Bleeding News thought there might be something for Stephanie Brown in the works but according to Didio there are still no current plans.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Complaints from Creators about DCnU

This time from Liefield. Here's the telling bit:

“This is the 4th time I quit in the last 4 months. This time it will stick,” he wrote from a theater, where he was watching The Expendables 2. “Never thought the Image section of my book would be topped. This last year was a humdinger. The DC52 chapters will go top all of it. [...] Reasons are the same as everyone’s that you hear. I lasted a few months longer than I thought possible. Massive indecision, last minute and I mean LAST minute changes that alter everything. Editor pissing contests… No thxnjs. Last week my editor said ‘early on we had a lot of indie talent that weren’t used to re-writes and changes … made it hard.’ Uh, no, it’s you.”

Edit: Not an interview but I'm still tagging it as one.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Patrick Gleasons' rejected Batman and Robin 10 cover

I like this design better than the one we got. Plus he got the heights closer in this pic of the Robins. (Dick isn't the tallest, he's 5' 10".) Still doesn't makes sense to have them all together like this but I love the look.

2 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

2. Booster starts on his new path

Basically just his parts in 52. This one was hard to decide because 52 is so epic. It's in the number two spot because I didn't feel we got enough of a spotlight on Booster, at least who he really was. For a lot of this he's pretending to be someone he's not. First the kind of shallow jerk most people think he is then under the guise of  a new hero, Supernova. We don't get to see and hear the real Booster until he confronts Mr. Mind. Regardless this is a must read for any Booster fan. It touches on a lot of pieces from his history while expanding his own story for his new role in DCU.

Booster deals with his frustration in finding his place in the world and seems to get worse in his sponsorship shilling. (Anyone else wince at the logos on the coffin?) On the way he learns he has to save his other friend, Skeets, and strikes up a partnership that will change his life with Rip Hunter. Daniel Carter is introduced and while he doesn't seem special at first he has his own moment of awesomeness that proves that this family will always have moments of glory while using football to save all of creation. (It makes more sense in context.)

Only by reading through it again can you fully understand and enjoy the little twists. The irony of Lex Luthor seeing Supernova as his new enemy and the perfect heir to Supermans' legacy. Or Clark Kent being Supernovas' biggest supporter (plus the what the hell look Supernova has when Clark jumps out to get an interview with him.) Yes, Superman canonly said that Booster acted like a professional hero even if he didn't know it. Supernova IS Booster, I mean rereading the story makes it easier to see that he obviously has the same reactions (only he plays it without humor.) His concern for a child, the smirk on Supernovas' face when Lex draws the Supeman symbol over the glass, it's all there. You got to love the irony of Booster Gold throwing everyone off just to act as a masked superhero. The pathos are still very strong, just read the fight he has with himself. All the things Supernova says? Ouch.

But in the end Booster overcomes his own fears about himself. There were great heroes in 52 but I think it's rather obvious who was the star player at the end of the day. In a series about lesser known heroes taking center stage after the big names step out is it any wonder the greatest is the one no one knew about?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

Roy tells a story plus we learn what all aliens really think of humans.

Batman and Robin #12


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Working relationship with the Batfamily & Jokers' cunning

Just my thoughts on this recent article on Comicvine. It explores the idea of Jasons' place with the family (if he would still have one, etc.) It also bringing up the idea of the Joker being a mastermind in a situation that kind of fell into his lap.

EDIT: Both the article and my thoughts on it was written prior to RHATO #0 so all the talk on DOTF is based on the pre-relaunch version.

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Guest artist and news for RHATO

This doesn't surprise me (okay the guest artist does because I thought the new one was on board already) but I'm pretty excited.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Previews for Batman & Robin, Batgirl and Batman

I think we all saw this turn in the Robin arc (even though it doesn't make any sense at this point.) Despite not being thrilled with the first couple issues I'll likely get it because I'm a sucker for Robins. I'm only coming back for the zero issue after this.

The Batman issue looks cute and while I'm not a fan of Batgirl I did like the guest appearance.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Greg Capullo teases DOTF

Capullo has done a number of teases already with shots of Gordon, Bullock, Damian, and such. Nothing really spoiler-ish of course. Now he shows some other members of the bat family.

3 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

3. A different Blue and Gold team up

Booster Gold #26-27 Vol. 2 I think this is the best way to end Boosters' grief over Teds' death as he finally accepts it. (Yes, I know other writers ignored this story but that didn't really make sense to me.) This respects their friendship but it goes a little further than other stories. This two parter isn't just about letting go it's about respecting a legacy. What really shines is the growing bond between Booster and Jaime Reyes. It's really more of a brotherly bond than a mentorship. Jaime sees Booster in his grief and while he doesn't owe him anything Jaime shows maturity by seeking him out. While the Black Lantern Ted Kord mocks Jaime for "ruining" his name Jaime holds it together to be there for Booster. Because he understands that no matter how hard it is for him it's a million time worse for Booster to deal with an undead best friend.

Booster accepts Jaime as Blue Beetle and encourages him to be himself. It's a wonderful way to honor what came before and the start to the new Blue and Gold friendship. And before you ask, yes this outranks the Johns run. Long story there.

4 of 10 Top Booster Gold stories

4. Geoff Johns run on Booster Gold

Booster Gold 1-1 million (but really it's only 12 issues.) Vol. 2. Yeah this is kind of cheating but it really feels likes one ongoing story. Booster once again tries to make it to the big league only to discover that he has to throw it all away for the greater good. This run uses a lot of threads from other stories to weave a fast paced, fun and some what tragic tale. 52 dealt a little with Boosters' anger and frustration with Ted Kords' death, this deals with his denial and bargaining stages of grief. (He's a time traveller so it makes sense if the stages are a little out of order.) We also meet Boosters' father, something that helps us understand why Booster's always the underdog.

Michelle returns, Booster gets some big heavy hitters added to his rogues gallery and while he doesn't know it Booster starts the Time Masters. It's a really touching story about his struggles with loss and being unable to shake the image of the class clown. This touches on some things brought up in my list as his selflessness doesn't go unnoticed. Because Batman always knew Booster was a hero and won't let him give up on himself. A plot that gets carried through to later storylines. But the best thing about this run is the twist that Rip Hunter is Boosters' son. It's proof of how far he's come from the reckless guy that wanted to make a few endorsements. Even if Booster is the greatest hero you'll never know everyone will know his son and the great things he does, even if it's under a different name.

JLI #12 and Batwing #12

Short reviews. Highlight to read.


Worlds' Finest #4

This issue and #0 will decide if I stick with this series for the long haul or not. Since the cut isn't working for me highlight the text to read.