Friday, November 29, 2013

Why the "Power Couple" will never match Lois and Clark

I don't know if it's the case for many comic book stores but mine doesn't seem to sell many copies (if any) of Superman and Wonder Woman. Recently I saw the trade for the 75th anniversary of Lois Lane and it made me think why I can't see the romance with Diana ever working. Why do some want it in the first place and why is the relationship seen in a negative light?

Just a few thoughts on the subject.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Would Thanksgiving be weird for Booster?

I was trying to think of some stories that touched on the holiday when I remembered something I read in the first Booster Gold series. Back in issue 18 Broderick narratives a good portion giving his point of view on the past and providing a look into the future. He reveals a interesting fact about his time I don't think any other writer touched on.

Broderick: "Everything seems...feels so archaic. So very ridiculous. People in this era actually consume meat."

This is confirmed pages later in a flashback with a vendor selling soy dogs at the stadium. That's right, Booster and Michelle didn't eat meat in their time. Were they sick when they tried it? Did Booster have to force himself to adapt to it for sponsors? I know Thanksgiving is about more than the turkey but would people still celebrate it? If so imagine how lonely he would be around the season.While I could see Trixie trying to ensure he had a good holiday and maybe inviting him to eat with her family he seemed to be keeping her at arms length. So JLI would be his first experience with it, at least in the past. I'm not sure if there was ever a comic based around it but you can just see how that would go.

J'onn trying to keep everything organized and make sure everyone helped out. Tora would already be doing her part before anyone asked and drag a less than thrilled Bea along. Somehow there would be chaos that would start because of Ted, Guy, some disagreement or potentially a villain attacking. Although the last one seems like the least likely. Max would be pleasantly buzzed just to deal with the arguing while J'onn cast him a disapproving but understanding look. Guy would have the worst table manners burping loudly. Then if Booster didn't adapt to meat he'd be rushing to the bathroom making everyone stop eating and demand to know who cooked the turkey.

Books I'm Thankful for us Getting

Since we all feel a little frustrated with it I might as well think of the good things we got.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

DC new 52 Legos?

First we have the red Nightwing in a set with Batman and Man-bat. (The wings threw me off for a second.)

We also have new 52 Batgirl and Damian Wayne.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

DC Cookbook

Something different for a Christmas present as retro DC themed characters have different recipes to make. Krypto Dogs, yes. Joker Juice, NO!
Silver Age designs so no Booster related food? He had a food chain based on this!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws #25

So here we are as Tynion once again writes a young Jason Todd before he was Robin.

"What Dark Figure Controls the Destiny of Jason Todd?"

Crap...Okay, here we go.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nightwing #25

I hated the zero issue of Nightwing so I hoped Year Zero would show a better story for Dick.


Batgirl #25

I loved Barbara Gordon when she was Oracle and haven't cared for her since she returned to the Batgirl mantle. I just haven't liked what I've seen and only saw her written well maybe twice. That was when Johns and Lobdell wrote her simply because she sounded like her old self. But I decided to give this a try since it's a different writer, Barbara isn't Batgirl yet and to help ease into the Zero Year stuff.


Batman Eternal Thanksgiving teaser image

DC has sent teasers like this out before with some hidden meaning in them so let's see if we can find some. Potential spoiler theories ahead but who knows how close I am.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What I don't like from Scribblenauts Unmasked

Spoilers Ahead if you don't want to know

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Budgeting for Weekly?

I never had to worry too much about cutting costs for comics since I never get many comics a month. At least compared to regular customers at my LCS. Sure there are a few times I get about 6 books but mostly? I usually get  a few issues a month. But I never actually bought a weekly series as it was coming out, I'd trade wait. The closest was the bi-weekly JLGL but I think I was buying maybe two other books at the time. Booster Gold and TMVP for sure. Since the latter was a mini series anyway my costs were cut down anyway. I'm not sure how I'm going to do things this time around especially if there are potentially two weekly series I might want to follow on the same year. (Well there are rumors of a third weekly involving Superman but I currently have no interest in it.)

First there's Batman Eternal which seems to have most of the things I'm interested in seeing ie. the Batman family interacting. But I'm hesitant with getting this one because of one of the writers. Then there's the weekly that's supposed to be involved with the 5 years later thing. It has Dan Jurgens and with the title I'm hoping it links to Time Travel and my favorite travelers. But nothing is really known about it at this stage. If I get Batman Eternal then I'd have to trade wait or get back issues later for the second one. I'm just glad I don't currently get more than one ongoing titles which will make this harder. (Now watch, since I said that their likely to announce a title I want around the time these come out.)

If nothing else it should be interesting to follow a series that updates every week. Following JLGL was a fun time since I didn't have to wait a month for the next issue.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wally and Donna Troy might show up soon?

Looks like it's on Rip Hunter's I mean DC's board along with Stephanie and listing what titles their appear in.

The Last of Us: American Dreams

The comic prequel story to the highly successful game The Last of Us shows what Ellie's life was like before she met Joel. So what is it like for a kid growing up in a world filled with infected, quarantine zones and military schools?


Monday, November 11, 2013

FEBRUARY Solicitations!

Not to many I want to get but that doesn't mean some of these didn't grab my attention.


NEW Teen Titans Action Figures

This was the reveal for the "Spoiler Alert" action figure(s). Mixed feelings about the outcome.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Earth 2 action figures

I haven't read the series and the only thing I got connected to it was a few issues of Worlds' Finest. But it has actions figures coming out of Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman. Other than the foggy lens on Flash and the muted paint on WW these look pretty good. Batman is an odd choice as it's the new Earth 2 Batman and the facebook page actually spoiled who it was awhile back.

Is Earth 2 worth reading?

So "For the Man that has Everything" isn't canon?

It's still unclear at this point but Batman/Superman #5 seems to make it a little more confusing.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lois Lane and Joker's Daughter one shots

Zero interest in Joker's Daughter but Lois Lane might be one I pick up.

Five Years Later?

According to Bleeding Cool this might be another thing from DC next year.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mrs. Carter (Secret Origins #35)

The mother of our twins Michael and Michelle Carter. Not much has ever been revealed about her, not even her real name. What we do know is that Mrs.Carter was married to Jon Carter, a con man, gambler and (as we learned in one retelling in vol. 2) abusive husband. He left her poor with his gambling debts and with their four year olds to raise by herself. Since Jon hurt them so much gambling is considered a sin in their household. In fact Booster even says that she'd consider gambling worse than murder.

The only time we really get to see what she was like is in Secret Origins #35. In one of the many, many, many retellings of Booster Gold's origins (each time adding new details) he decides to fill Ted in on how he became a superhero. Mrs. Carter is shown as a loving mother that Booster dotes on when he can. He compliments her cooking and tells her that his dad's been gone for years so she can find a new husband. Mrs. Carter proclaims that she'll never marry again after being "fooled once" and she doesn't need a man. She says she's healthy but Michelle tells her brother that their mom's lying. They need more money than can get to help her out. Even with Michelle working two jobs they can still only get Mrs. Carter half of her medicine. Booster hopes she can hold on for a couple more years until he can be signed onto the major leagues.

But both of the twins see that she's not doing so well and might not make it that long. Which makes Booster desperate for money. He looks up his friend "Snake Eyes" and slowly but surely gets sucked into the world of gambling. Despite not being able to get out he makes sure to pamper his mother with gifts but the happiness doesn't last long. Once the police come for him Mrs. Carter rejects him stating that she no longer has a son and it would have been better to let her die than bring shame upon the family. She makes Booster guilt worse by stating that it doesn't matter what he does, he'll never be able to make up for his mistakes. That's the last time he sees his mother as he returned home to find out she died. Michelle does tell him that thanks to Skeets mailing them proof of his heroism in the past their mother knew he turned out good. Even though Broderick hounded them Mrs. Carter was very proud of her son.

What else is in the story that's interesting: This version is a little different than many of the other retellings of Booster's origins. It's not just amusing due to the various JLI products Booster's trying to sell it actually has some nice depth. From the little moments like Booster silently staring at a passed out drunk on his street, to his dark look when the doctor mentions betting on him Jurgens sells the moments without overdoing them. There are some rare scenes of Booster explaining his nickname while hanging out with the football team and his life prior to the scandal.

It also shows some nice small moments between Ted and Booster as the story progresses. Ted not wanting to hear the tale at first and Booster making it sound like some grand adventure. Ted's surprised of course to hear the truth and starts to see where the story is headed pointing out the thefts would make Booster a crook. He even starts saying what a poor role model Booster is before Booster tells him everything will be fine as long as Ted doesn't tell anyone. At the end there isn't a resolution to Ted's claims as he pretty much rolls his eyes at Booster's ideas of making money then rushes to look for the Black Canary Lingerie. Uh, the ones Booster planned to market that is. But the characterization was good and even makes stories like Kooey Kooey Kooey have more depth. Like Booster's flat out horror filled expression when Ted suggests they rig the machines. Or how Ted doesn't take his own advice and pushes his friend with a gambling problem into running a casino with him. You can't read this story without at least question their later actions.

It might be worth a look for any Booster fans even if you know the story of his downfall (or at least some of the versions of it.) The same issue has origins of J'onn and Maxwell Lord but I got mine in the 52 companion trade.

Spectualtion on new figure(s?) in SPOILER ALERT

Every now and again I can't help getting interested in these teases. Especially when I think I know what they are.

This was the first one and while it could be Flash I remember hearing a rumor about a Teen Titans line being done. So maybe Kid Flash? Then this one turned up the next day.

Blond hair...only a few characters come to mind in the new 52 and if the TT rumor is correct then Wonder Girl. I'm not sure if they'd tease each figure since I think they more or less focus on one at a time. The first image doesn't look like a part of her costume which makes me wonder if their showing all of them. Of course I'm usually wrong about these things so it'll probably be someone like Supergirl.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Short Review: Forever Evil #3

Since I was in the area I managed to snag this one early instead of waiting for my next trip or ordering online. You know I thought this was a five parter until I checked and it said seven parts. That makes more sense because this still has a slow pace.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mattel Ending DC Classics?

It sounds like it which isn't surprising given the state of their Club line also ending due to low sales. Which has happened for various reasons such as the character selections and slipping quality of the DC lines. Damian and Doomsday apparently will be the last figures they come out with. A shame because Mattel could have done some great figures but never got around to it.

Ice is coming out since she's turned up on Ebay but I haven't seen the preorder up at normal sites.

Apparently Batman Beyond is coming out with three heads (Batman/old Bruce/Terry) and a mini figure? See that's the sort of extras I love.