Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poor Rip

Can you imagine how it must be to spend time with Booster and think "no dad, don't do that"! Just the sheer embarrassment he'd suffer seeing the products he endorsed and seeing him hit on women. For the most part he kept his cool except for that infamous time when Booster got drunk. I mean look how shocked Rip is over this.

It's one of the many details that has more meaning once you know who they are to each other. He likely never saw his dad drunk and to think he's doing it on the job just blows his mind. His embarrassment over crashing into Flash makes it even worse. It's one of those times he has to be thankful no one knows their related but he does so that has to make him wonder if he was ever like that. There are so many little moments that tell how Booster shaped Rip into the man he becomes that I love.

More pictures from the new "JLI"

At least that's what it's called in the hashtags. But anyway the same artist that showed a group of heroes (Black Canary, Booster Gold, etc.) has posted more pictures of the characters.

There's more on his instagram site but here's a more playful sketch of DCnU Booster talking to Ted Kord. No I don't think that's part of upcoming comics.

Teen Titans #16

While I wasn't to thrilled with the third part of this tie in I was a little leery of this one. RHATO #16 was a little off since it focused so heavily on the Titans instead of our bat kids and plots that won't be used until the next writer comes along. For the most part I like Fabian Niciezas' writing but I disliked his dialogue for TT #15 to the point I worried on how he'd write the interactions between Tim and Jason. To say nothing of the statement that Barbara Gordon has more reason to hate Joker than any of them. Sure he's written Jason far better than most during his run on Robin but his Tim seemed to go back and forth on whether he liked Jason.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WTF Month at DC

I know a lot of people have said it's been that more than a WTF month ever since the relaunch started but this is offical. Which I don't really have a strong opinion of but it sounds interesting if only for one reason: Booster is coming back.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Upcoming Booster project?

Booster Gold in a group comprised of : Hawkman, Batgirl, Black Canary, Nightwing, Red Tornado, and Shazam. That's a rather odd team. Sadly I don't have as much interest in seeing Barbara interact with Booster since the relaunch got rid of their history via time travel. Still it could be fun if Dick and him are friendly towards each other.

Batman Death and the Maidens

This is a graphic novel I was interested in because it started so many plotlines. From this we get the following:

1.) The Death and Return of Ras Al Ghul.
2.) The reason Talia is pissed at Bruce to the point she used Jason.
3.) Linked to the decline of Cassandra Cain.
4.) Why Talia isn't acting like herself, as this gives a good reason.

Despite all that, and likely a few I'm forgetting, this storyline has been completely ignored. Intrigued? Let's see what the problem was in this tale written by Greg Rucka.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sword of Sorcery #4

Where RHATO made me leery of the new changes this book filled me with joy. This was A LOT of fun.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #16

This issue wasn't what I expected.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birds of Prey #16 preview

I'm thinking about picking up this title when the new writer takes over but I'm a little confused. Now I knew the Talon Mary was going to join the team based on solicits. I didn't read the Batgirl annual but even so I'm not sure I get Babs reasoning here. Maybe this was explained better elsewhere?

SPOILERS in regards to the preview.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

James Tynion IV interview

Given here.

Batman #16

Getting digital issues is less of a hassle but I don't know if I'd do this all the time. Anyway SPOILERS AHEAD. Spoilers for the other tie ins too.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Favorite Rip Hunter bit

Before you ask, yes I'm very happy to hear Rips' going to make an appearance (although it likely won't be part of the DCnU canon since it's Vertigo.) Skimming through something I remembered my favorite Rip Hunter section of all time. While I adore all the father/son pages with Booster I fell in love with the opening pages of Rip in the Day of Death arc of Booster Gold. First of all the art and coloring is amazing really setting the mood for the tense moments he's alone with an enemy nearby.
See these pages tell a lot about his character and I don't mean his connection to the Carter family. See this is pretty much the essence of Rip Hunter throughout his entire history. He's a scientist yes, but he's the guy that does the hands on approach that usually has him facing incredible danger. This is the man that in different canon has several time travelers placing their faith in him and willing to die for his cause. He's the best at this game, the one time traveler that truly knows what he's doing. A true chessmaster. Rips' someone that's always outsmarts his enemies but this presents the first time he's ever come up against anyone that's really his equal. Black Beetle is just as crafty and as unknown as he is. There's really a sense that they were supposed to be each others' archenemy as their the ones that often run into each other. Oh for what could have been.

I don't think Jurgens ever revealed who Black Beetle was even in interviews which is disappointing.

The Revival of Jason Todd

How it differs from the old 'verse.

Time Warp does have Rip Hunter in it

At least the Lemire/Lindelof story is about him. Which means I'll have to get it even though it's only 8 pages or so. Kind of weird that this is a Vertigo title and one of the writer didn't know who Rip was. Hopefully it'll be good, especially for the price.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bruce getting slapped

Because who doesn't like seeing that?

Stephanie Brown does it in Batgirl Road Home.

Why: The mini series was about Bruce testing certain members of his family to see if their worthy and all that. He knows he was a jerk to Stephanie and although he's willing to see how she does he still has doubts. Stephanie basically has enough of his B.S. and snaps. Good times.

Jason Todd does his slap during The Cult.

Why: Bruce was kidnapped and brainwashed when Jason tracks him down. Since he's seriously messed up physically, emotionally and especially mentally Bruce freaks out. A LOT. During one of these moments when he's screaming his head off Jason slaps him to get him to come back to his senses. Jason was awesome in this and Bruce was, umm, well broken. Still nice to see the even Robins slap him for whatever reason. Love Bruce but he can be an ass with his kids.

Monday, January 7, 2013

When you force OOC moments to make them in character

You know I was thinking of doing a piece on writing that has the characters acting the polar opposite and as a result gives some readers bad impressions of them. I could have used Booster Gold, Cassandra Cain, etc. but I remembered this while looking up a different piece. Though I'm sure just about every character has some awful stories about them. Like Dick Graysons' treatment of his long time friend, Roy Harper. Pictured below kicking said friend in the face at a very low point of his life. If I recall right that's not the worse thing Dick did in that story. It's actually not even the only time Dicks' treated Roy bad.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Clothing Malfunction

Otherwise known as that time Jason tried to stop Magpie but accidently ripped her top off. Oops.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DC you need to stop

While this wasn't confirmed by DC (yet) it was mention in a Bleeding Cool article and I came upon a fan that meet Lobdell in person recently.

Teen Titans #15

Fabian Nicieza does the dialogue to Scott Lobdells' plot.