Friday, April 30, 2010

Where I've been and Boosters' JLA Certificate

My scanner went wonky awhile back so I haven't been able to get all the pics I wanted for updates. I do have a few extras put away, which hopefully means I can do this until I get a new scanner. Anyway...

After his battle with Mr. Mind Booster Gold wanted to make an effort at becoming a legitimate hero like he always dreamed about. The first step was to join the Justice League of America again. Rejecting Rip Hunters' request for his assistance at tackling temporal anomalies full time Booster successfully earned his place in the JLA again. Unfortunately fate intervened. Having been in the time stream a great deal Booster picked up traces of chronal residue which contaminated his membership certificate. Now it registered possible alternations in the time stream that only those affected by the chronal energy (i.e. time travelers) could see. Rip Hunter and Booster found it very useful at helping them find temporal wormholes.