Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time Masters mini Character Summaries: Rip Hunter

There are a few different version of Rip Hunter. His pre-Crisis self, the post-Crisis Rip, the Linear Mens' Hunter and now the Geoff Johns version. What the first three share is that Rip Hunter was in fact his real name. Granted some times his first name wasn't always the same as it changed to either Ripley or Richard. But he was a scientist and an adventurer, something I think the Linear Mens' version severally lacked. Regardless this Rip (Post-Crisis) was shown to have a family. A cousin in Dan Hunter and in a grandfather that inspired his passion for history.

Rip discovered that the invention he was currently working on was a success when Booster Gold came knocking on his door courtesy of Jack Soo, a friend and employee of Booster. Traveling to the future to save the hero he came to learn of the horrors to come and began obsessing over how to save the world from nuclear war. Finding little help from the rest of the heroes it became clear that Rip would have to take matters into his own hands. He's harsher to others but he does have regrets over his behavior.

What Happened?: His fate is a little vague at the end since another mini series was planned but never released. In the proposal for the comic Chronos one of events the lead character was going to do was tie up that loose end. Though Rip made an appearance in the comic that storyline never saw print inside the series as the writer pulled the plug.

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