Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mr. Mind


The sole survivor of his race of Venus mind-worms Mr. Mind set his sight on Earth. Extremely intelligent the two inch alien usually was able to carry out his nefarious plans through his aptly named origination the Monster Society of Evil. Usually he is underestimated because of his small stature a trait that he capitalizes on. A small electronic device Mind uses makes it possible for his voice to be heard.

Through a series of experiments done by Dr. Sivana Minds' body began to change, a year long process that evolved him into a Hyperfly with the intent to feed off the 52 alternate Earths. Though he was stopped Mind harbored a grudge against those that defeated him forming a new band of allies to fight against his newest foes.

Abilities: Able to spin very fast and strong silk. Controls minds by entering a persons' ear. In his cocoon state he was able to absorb the Phantom Zone. As a Hyperfly he could feed off of time it's self. Can asexually reproduce in both forms. 

Enemies: Formally his greatest rivals were the Marvel Family, and Dr. Sivana. He's fought his fair share of heroes including the JSA. Now he fights against the Time Masters, specially Booster Gold.  

Where is he now?: Let's just say another bug didn't agree with him. Most of his childrens' status is uncertain at present. One of them showed it's self to Lex Luthor while trying to control him, explaining why it is and isn't Mr. Mind.


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