Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sondra Crain

Seventy-Three years after the Blackest Night event the United State government initiated Project Slipshift. Sondra Crain was chosen to go back in time to stop Hank Henshaw from becoming the villainous Cyborg Superman in order to save countless lives that would be lost at his hands. Her first trip landed her on the space shuttle Excalibur before Henshaws' fateful trip took place. Due to the imprecise understanding of time travel the minds behind Project Slipshift had Crain was transported away before she had a chance to prevent Henshaws' transformation. 

Having failed her first mission she was charged with evacuating Coast City days before it's destruction. In theory the programming would have allowed for her to be bought home but the Time Facility used to bring her to the past was destroyed when she launched her mission. Worse of all Crain hadn't arrived as early as she thought. She wasn't days early, merely arriving an hour prior to the destruction. Crain tried to get Booster Gold to help her save Coast City and directly go against historic records. In doing so they recused Gracey Greene.

First Appearance: Booster Gold Vol. 2 #28 

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