Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Time Stealers

To bring about the end of the Time Masters so they can truly command the time line Mr. Mind joined forces with other villains to form a group called the Time Stealers. Taking matters into their own hands they destroy anyone that gets in their way and do anything they can to get Booster Gold to quit his role as Time Master. Mind informed them that their usual method of killing enemies won't work with Gold. The reason for this was never told only that he could not realize his destiny or that of his line.

The members of the Time Stealers are: 

Mr. Mind: (Not Shown) A two inch Venus worm that previous became a Hyperfly only to have his plans for the 52 stopped by Booster Gold, Rip Hunter and Daniel Carter.

Despero: Plucked from time shortly after his first battle with the Justice League, before he mutated.

Supernova 3: Taking the uniform Rip Hunter created from it's newest user (Daniel Carter), Jon Carter the father of Booster Gold became the third Supernova. Acting the part of a villain instead of a hero, Jon a con man through and through,attempted to disillusion his son.   

Maximillon: A vastly upgraded version of Booster Golds' robot buddy Skeets, the self proclaimed enemy of the droid. 

Degaton: A time traveler that fights the Justice Society of America hailing from the 1940s'. 

Ultra-Humanite: taken from his days fighting Infinity Inc. when he was in the form of an ape.

Black Beetle: Not much is known about the Black Beetle. His own tales of his origin change with each telling. Thus far he has claimed to be a Blue Beetle from the 27th century,Hector (a former friend of Blue Beetle 3/Jaime Reyes), Jaimes' greatest enemy and a future version of Jaime Reyes. Needless to say he's not the most trustworthy of guys. 

Jason Goldstein/Rex Hunter:(Not shown)A former member that the rest of the team decided posed too much of a risk once he was captured by Rip Hunter.


  1. It would appear your devotion to accuracy in the matters temporal is quite sincere. I look forward to your future postings; your efforts so far are quite entertaining.

  2. I love time travel stories and figure if no one else will post about it then I might as well. Thank you, I'm trying to be accurate as I can without spoiling too much.