Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sent by Rip Hunter to pick up an artifact in the year 3082, a misunderstanding led to Booster Gold arriving a few days later than Hunter wanted. Instead he's found himself in the middle of the Great Darkness War. While there he made a valiant effort to save a group of tourists visiting Damax when the planet was overtaken by Darkseids' influence. Among the group was Rani, an orphaned child who just lost her foster parents in the disaster. With no other options left Booster managed to escape the planet with Rani in tow. Since then the girl has stayed at the Time Lab with the Carter twins and Rip Hunter. Although Booster himself has had little time to care for the child between missions. Currently Rip and Boosters' sister Michelle look after her in his absence. 

Unclear Future?: The rules of time travel have been a little hazy but Rip has claimed that the past is solid and the future is more flexible. As such it isn't clear if Rani was supposed to die or if her future has yet to be mapped out. 

First Appearance: Booster Gold #32 Vol. 2


  1. I'm wondering where the writers are going with Rani. She better not die or I'll be really mad!!

    It crossed my mind that they might make Booster adopt her. Then I thought they'd make Michelle adopt her, since they get along so nicely. I love her interactions with Rip, especially the pony one above, and how she pointed out an error Rip was making with his calculations. :)

  2. I don't want her to die but I'm not sure where their heading or what her purpose is. I don't think Booster is ready for fatherhood yet and he barely has time to spent with her between missions.

    I think they might have Michelle adopt her which I'd prefer since it might give Michelle more characterization. Next to her scenes with Booster I lover her interactions with Rip that show a softer side to him--when he's not exasperated. I'd love to see how they'd grow up as cousins.

    She pointed out an error? I thought she pointed it off before he did anything.