Friday, August 20, 2010

Supernova 2: Daniel Carter

Supernova 2
Daniel Jon Carter was a high school football player who's future prospects in professional football were dashed after a knee injury. Stuck in a dead end job as a life insurance salesman Daniel longed for a taste of the glory he had as a player out in the field. When it appeared that the hero Booster Gold died he was stuck with the impulse to go to the mans' funeral even though they never met. While there he met Boosters' robot sidekick Skeets who discovered that Daniel was Michael Jon Carters' present day ancestor. Unconvinced of the connection Daniel was visited by Skeets to try and get his assistance in finding clues in Rip Hunters' bunker. Reluctant to help Skeets revealed that he read Daniels' day planner and knew of his ambitions in becoming a hero. The robot offered to help him become one instead of trusting in Lex Luthors' Everyman project

While investigating Hunters' Time Lab the villain Hunter was hiding from emerged to trap Daniel one of Rip Hunters' defenses: a Time Loop. He was stuck there until Rip Hunter recused him and asked for his further assistance to save the Multiverse. Not thrilled with the prospects Daniel agreed donning the Supernova suit Booster Gold had previous wore to help with the endeavor. As Supernova he was an important part of the plan to trap the villain. Eight weeks after the incident Daniel made no effort to become a full fledge superhero and was robbed of the suit by the Time Stealers

Daniel has met his future wife Rose Levin and used a second black version of the Supernova suit that Rip Hunter has invented from time to time. The suit seems to have the same powers as the first. 

First Appearance: 52 #18 as Supernova 52 #52

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