Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Booster Gold #40 & JLGL # 17

In my rush to get back issues I forgot R.E.B.E.L.S. this month so I'll have to wait until my next comic run. I'm going to try not to spoiler these issues just give my impressions. I will mention one minor thing that really has nothing to do with the plot.

Booster Gold # 40:

I'll be upfront about this, I've been less than impressed with this run. The only issues I really enjoyed were #32 and #38. I quickly got tired of the repetitive nature of the humor and uncomfortable with a lot of their choices (#37 being a prime example.) Although they dropped a lot of the things I hated there are still things about this title that I don't like. This issue just has so many errors in terms of Boosters' character that I truly wonder if these guys read the original Booster Gold run. Yeah they made a couple of these mistakes during their JL run but wow there's a lot. It really has me worried for a future plot they have that seems to go directly against what was shown in the first series. I can't get into detail without explaining it further but while part of it is sorta explained the stuff I had a problem with pretty much gets confirmed as "canon."

I'm also curious with what's up with them aging people in this title. Because I'm pretty sure Booster shouldn't be that old. There were also a few story beats that made no sense to me. Booster even questions one of them but doesn't get a satisfactory answer. The ending is very WTF raising even more questions.

Justice League Generation Lost #17:

I throughly enjoyed this but it was really refreshing to see more Jaime. I was rather surprised with the reveal and fate of two characters. Given how comics are written you think that you got certain things figured out. Something about Max is oddly charming as well as threatening that previous bad guy versions of him lacked. This issue does spoiler things that haven't happened in Power Girl yet so be warned. Rocket Red has a rather small moment that makes me hope we get a series outta this to see more of him. A couple of my favorite moments were the characters reactions. Like the groups' confusion at the end to the moment you knew was coming: Booster reaction to last issues' cliffhanger. Although you'd likely guess his feelings I think it's a great set up for things to come. I just wish they didn't reveal where this will lead in the solicits.


  1. I agree with you about BG #40. I miss Jurgens.

    I hope Giffen and DeMatteis aren't planning on any retcons. I've got a feeling there is one had said on Sally's blog that Giffen doesn't like Booster's origins, and that has me worried!

    I wish more people would read the original 80's run, too. He's a character prone to misinterpretation. (52 springs to mind, for example.)

  2. Yeah, Giffin has commented that he never liked that Booster stole to get his equipment and thinks that should be dealt with in a serious manner. The problem is that so far they are completely forgetting that reason Booster can't go to 25th centuy prison--his sentence for stealing/using a time machine is death without a trial! Yet all they mention is the equiment theft, something no one previously cared about. Both Jurgens and now Johns (although for different years) show how messed up that time is.

    While any mistakes in this issue is pretty much handwaved as the minon messing up I've seen these writers make these mistakes before. IE. Making Booster a janitor.