Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Justice League Generation Lost 18 and 19

Spoilers of course

I know some people didn't like Max telling Jaime that he's not the bad guy but that felt like a strong moment to me. I preferred his more emotional talk with Booster in the first issue but then again he isn't close to Jaime. Speaking of Booster I like how he's the one to figure out a weak point they can exploit on Power Girl even if he's not the one to use it against her.

Yeah the weird retcons with Cap seem weird but it's not that big of a deal to me. Ice gets a new costume (that's design is already messed up in the same issue.) Cut the gloves down to the wrists and get rid of the fur belt and it's fine.

I'm impressed that Winick got so much of Jaimes' story right. Yes I know Giffin was part of the plotting but still. When a writer makes the effort to put in these details it enhances the story. Jaime did feel pain when he transformed, it's not something that's been mentioned a lot in recent stories. And Paco was failing Spanish, a great gag from Jaimes' series.

I enjoyed the Power Girl, Fire and Ice exchange. For the first time in a while Bea is being bitchy (not just to Booster) and her pose shows it. Likewise Tora defends PG. (And they really mess up her new design.) Some nice little touches that really add to this book.

I never expected to see Max fighting it out with Jaime since, well Max can't really fight in a physical sense. But Winick makes this work while keeping Jaime strong without making him all powerful. The teamwork and interplay between the other characters really shows an interesting potential. Boosters' continuing concern for Jaime grows as they get closer to him. I don't believe the end but I'm still looking forward to seeing how this is followed up next issue. As well as the reason for Max going bad.


  1. Yeah, I wasn't particularly impressed with Tora's revamped costume. Revamped from last issue even. Sheesh!

    It seems as though Winick actually took the time to read the Blue Beetle book by John Rogers, which is a good thing. Too bad he couldn't have taken the time to do the same with the old JLI's and that arc with Tora's REAL family.

    Yeah, I'm having trouble letting go of this. But it still was a fairly decent issue. I don't for a minute believe that Jaime is actually dead however.

  2. Doesn't anyone look at character design sheets? You can't even blame the colorist because her shirt was drawn to have a mid-drift.

    I've heard that Winick has read these comics because of some details he's put in past issues. Somethings I didn't catch and the Booster ones I did. I was amazed that he included a minor character from a retelling of Boosters' origin in #5. I don't think Giffin was responsible for that because he's been getting somethings very wrong with Booster in BG.

    Maybe DC wanted Tora origin retconned? Flashpoint clue? BTW did you see the cute Booster/Tora fan comic on Scans Daily? It explains everything.

    I don't either so I was a little surprised to see how seriously some people are taking this. Even people who know it's a fake out have told me that their dropping this because it's a fake out.