Monday, November 8, 2010

Goldstar 2: Michelle Carter


Michelle Carter grew up in Gotham City in the 25 century with her twin brother Michael. Having been left with their fathers' gambling debts after he abandoned them the family grew up poor. More tragically was to follow as Michael was caught in a scandal that would ruin not just his career in football but the Carters' chances at a better life. With little to no options left Michael stole a time machine to make a better life for himself in another time, an offense punishable with death without a trail. Michelle and their mother would discover that Michael was following his destiny in becoming the hero Booster Gold. Something that gave them comfort. Mrs. Carter would die not long afterwards. When her brother returned Michelle assisted him in escaping the law and followed him into the past. When Boosters' friend Trixie Collins decided to give up her short career as a super hero Michelle took the Goldstar uniform without permission, curious to why super heroics appealed to her brother.

While testing the suit Michelle was attacked and captured. Booster went to her aid having to use his forcefield to keep their only escape route, a teleporter, from being destroyed in the resulting destruction. Michelle died after opening the portal--at least until Rip Hunter changed her fate. Occasionally joining her brothers' missions as a Time Master in the Goldstar uniform Michelle seemed oblivious to how much time had past since she last saw Booster. Something that came as a shock when Jason Goldstein revealed the truth of her past fate. Not taking it well and Michelle needed to get away from the people she claimed were "control freaks." (i.e. Booster, Rip Hunter and Skeets.) Going a few years into the past Michelle fell in love with a man named Drew and tried to live a normal life. Something that wouldn't last as long as she hoped. Since then she has decided to hang up the Goldstar suit and help take care of Rani.      


  1. Hi Erin! I just found your blog, and it is so nice to see stuff with Booster.

  2. Thanks! I might do more like reviews since my scanner is dead. You have GLs I have the Carter family and Time Travel. ;)