Thursday, June 28, 2012

Testing Online Store

I've been giving this subscription thing a lot of thought. DC doesn't offer all the comics I want at their site so I'm going with one that has my books. I haven't gotten it but decided to do a test run of sorts. I pre-ordered a couple comics to see how long they take to get here and all that. I decided that if I do get a subscription I'll only get one of my picks. That way I can visit my LCS at least once a month (it's kind of a family bonding thing.)

I saw a couple books that tempted me a little with Marvel but not enough to get me to break my boycott. DC has gotten me to try new books and while I haven't kept a lot of them for various reasons I enjoyed the experience and the excitement that came with it. No, DC isn't perfect in the relaunch but I don't have any serious complaints with anything in my pull list. Speaking of pull lists Zero Month is going to be a bat month for me. I decided to get all the Robin books (Nightwing, RHATO, TT, Batman & Robin, Worlds' Finest) and although I wasn't really wowed with the Hydrology trade, Batwoman. Plus Green Arrow (for Roy) and Sword Of Sorcery.

If this works out I'll be getting a lot of these online. I'm wondering if I should wait to read them all in one sitting to compare them.

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