Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Worlds' Finest #2


This issue hints that Helena and Karen weren't the only ones to get trapped on this world. I'm not really sure what Hakkou wants to do. Just destory the lab for the hell of it? Ensure that their trapped on this Earth? I don't think so because he seems shocked to discover how strong Karen is.

I like that Karen is using her powers to get money through different means but I'd like to see more of her business sense. Although she wasn't seen much I enjoyed Karens'
assistant and how she doesn't react to the things Karen does. It's nice seeing a normal person in the know. I don't think we needed to see how Karen found out Helena needed her in the Huntress mini series but I guess it's a nice touch. It was an okay issue. I have no real complaints although I'm looking forward to the girls meeting their families on this world.

Say What:

I know it's considered stylish to diss Lobdell on his dialogue (or any other random thing he writes) but come on. Levitz has a really odd phrasing here. Tell me this line doesn't sound like the most awkward line of dialogue you've read from a character that's supposed have english as their first language: "Well he was burning up...can't "Hakkou" even mean "radiation" in Japanese?"

Wait, so Karens' Supergirl costume can't burn on this Earth but it could on hers? Then why the hell did she wear it? Yes I know they say science is different but would it really be that big a set back for clothes on Earth 2?  Didn't Helena burn her costume last issue? Karen even points this out. You'd think Batmans' kid would have better armor.

First nod to Helenas' mom (in this series at least) as she said she learned her computer skills from her parents. Since the tech isn't so great it was easy for her to hack money away from our Bruce. Maybe because her world was further along? I guess that means Booster is really skilled in comparsion.

Are they still hacking money from Bruce? Because the scene with the Gotham National Bank looks like it's going in that direction. 

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