Monday, June 11, 2012

Thought on Solicits for month 0

Green Lantern: ...Okay...wrestler mask and guns. Did someone forget what the book was about? Unless the gun can do something to the rings I really don't see the point. The rings can make stuff, you know?

Green Lantern Corps: Yeah Guy! Who thinks their retcon the Warrior stuff?

Batwoman: Are they redoing Kates' origin? Because I read that before. Recapping? I hope it's just adding a little.

Batgirl: I got a bad feeling that Oracle never happened here. From the sound of it both TKJ and Batgirl Year One are being redone. I'm just not interested in Batgirl Gordon.

Still in the Batman books Robins reign supreme!

Worlds' Finest: More flashbacks of Kara and Helena as Supergirl and Robin? Hell yeah!

Batman and Robin: I'm still waiting to hear how the Robin arc turns out before I give this book a try. The more I read Damian (in general) the more I wish his character was different. He reminds me too much of a mixture of a more extremely written Jason Todd with a Cass Cain background. It just drives me crazy that Bruce is making a effort with Damian when he's ignoring the other two. Character that were missing when the same writer had Bruce remark that "the whole family" was there. Hmm.

Teen Titans: A possible new Tim Drake origin? I predict fans will form at the mouth but I'm interested. The fanboy-turned Stalker-turned-Robin bit always bugged me. Plus more Skitter and Bunker. Interesting.
Nightwing: I hope they just trim back the bad stories. Otherwise I'm just curious how their do his Robin costume. It was briefly shown (I saw the scan) but it wasn't too clear. I have to say that so far Jason and Helena have my favorite Robin costumes.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Another artist doing the issue?! I hope Kennth stays on even if he's doing Superman too. With the ever annoying Superboy punch out the window (I will always treasure Rips' joke on it) Jason needed a new reason for his return. This was hinted at in issue #2 as Talia mentions a few things. The pit isn't what does it. I'm looking forward to this but will the Essence back up be part of it?

Green Arrow: I have little to no interest in this title but Judd Winick brings my interest back. I have no idea if he's taking over but he's addressing the only issue I care about with new Ollie. Although I am a little peeved that they made Lobdell cancel his plans for Roy/Ollie for a writer that didn't even do anything with the story.


  1. I'm a little bemused by the new Green Lantern. A gun? Really? And yet ANOTHER Earth Lantern?

    Don't take away my Warriors!

    Seriously, I'm getting awfully tired of retcons simply for the helluvit.

  2. I got the impression Johns and DC want to forget everything Warrior related except the bar. Has it even been mentioned since Rebirth.

  3. Believe it or not, in that incredibly fabulous Green Lantern issue, right before the War of the Green Lanterns, which was a couple of issues before the whole new 52 stuff, when Guy and Hal are beating each other up on that ice planet...Guy finally just can't take it anymore, and lets Hal have it, with ALL of his previous incarnations pummelling Hal at once...and by God, one of them is Guy as Warrior!

    It was wonderful!

    But that's about the only time it has ever been referred to.

  4. I forgot about that. I got the issue for the fight. I'm not currently collecting GL but I collected a lot of the GLC trades. I think I stopped around Blackest Night.