Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goldstar 1: Theresa "Trixie" Collins

Goldstar 1 Trixie 2
Booster Gold was known as a corporate crusader because he was a hero that didn't shy away from making profits by promoting his heroic image. As such his manager Dirk Davis had Jack Soo created a costume for a female sidekick they hoped to make to help Booster and them earn more money for their company. This promotion never came about like they planned as they never got around to hiring anyone for the job. When the costume was finished Booster was stranded in a hospital full of a hero hating mob that blamed him as part of the problem with the violence in the world. Having no one else that could fit into the suit Davis and Soo asked Boosters' receptionist/friend Trixie Collins to don the Goldstar uniform (named after the superhero name Booster had originally planned to take himself) to save their boss.

Trixie was a somewhat shy young woman from Kansas that had developed a crush on Booster that he seemed to be oblivious of. Feeling self-conscious of her body and the powers of magnetism the suit provided Trixie nevertheless agreed helping Booster escape so that he could return to the future to save his life. Despite having misgivings of being a superhero she worked well under pressure and managed to control the magnetic abilities. Afterwards Trixie was only too happy to put heroism behind her when Boosters' twin sister Michelle Carter decided to see what the appeal of being a hero was for herself and took the suit on an ill-fated test run. Since Trixie and Booster have parted ways she has become a business woman in her own right. 

Goldstar 1 Trixie
Art Mistake: In the second Booster Gold series Boosters' own past with Michelle has his sisters' hair colored red when she is in fact a blond. This may be confusion because of Trixies' short time as Goldstar.
First Appearance: Booster Gold Vol. 1 #1 as Goldstar in Booster Gold Vol.1 #13-15 

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