Thursday, December 24, 2009


In the 25th century a Metropolis police officer named Broderick became a fan of Gotham Universitys' star quarterback Michael "Booster" Carter. Following the athletes' progress he mused that the kid had a bright future. When the Carter gambling scandal broke he like many became jaded that the young man could have fallen from grace. Broderick would be the one to receive the call that Metropolis' Space Museum had been robbed by none other than Carter. Worse yet he had taken a time machine, an act that was punishable by death without a trial. Feeling some type of karma linked the two together Broderick became obsessed with taking down his quarry.

He refused to listen to reason when Carter returned to the 25th century. Now calling himself Booster Gold claiming to be a hero in the past Carter said that he belonged in that era. All Broderick cared about was making sure the execution was carried out even if he had to be the one to do it. Thanks to the timely arrival of Rip Hunter, Jack Soo and Michelle Carter
he was denied. As the group escaped back in time he attempted to repair a Time Platform enough to follow. Once in the past Broderick was sickened by the waste of mankind and by the praise that, at the time, was given to Carter.

His form of "justice" was denied however when Carter leapt in to protect innocents and Brodericks' own cop instincts kicked in. Together the two foiled the robbery taking place. Carter offered him back his weapon when it was over giving him two options. Either to shoot him or accept his help in returning Broderick to his time. In the end he chose not to shoot but refused to beg his former foe for assistance thinking he would need to find his own way.

Where is he now?: After the first Booster Gold series nothing has been written about Broderick. Which is a shame. I think the ironic nature of his chase and Boosters' present state would be worth looking into.

First Appearance: Booster Gold #15 Vol. 1

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