Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Times Spheres and Time Packs

Time Spheres have been in the DC Universe since at least the Silver Age. Back then they were pretty common place in superhero comics from the Legion of Superheroes to Lois Lane hopping into one to visit Krypton before it exploded. Since then the use and invention of them has been harder to come by. After Crisis on Infinite Earths it's generally accepted that Rip Hunter invented them with his friend Jeff Smith sometimes credited in helping him. At present it seems that Rip Hunter is one of the few to be able to perfect a Time Sphere. Even the Time Stealers who have vast intellects at their disposal and members who regularly time travel could not perfectly duplicate one. Having borrowed one of the Time Stealers spheres Booster Gold commented that it was a "piece of junk" that was difficult to maneuver. Being able to use Rips' own devices made this far more apparent.

Time Pack
Post-Crisis during the Time Master mini series Rip Hunter invented what he called a Time Pack. Which would allow each wearer to make one trip to the desired timeframe and one return trip back. Smaller in size this time machine was much easier to conceal. 

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