Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Goodfellow Traveling Theatrical Troupe

Many know of the TIme Masters and the Linear Men, few knew of a group of time travelers that hid in plain sight. A group of twelve individuals from different points in time were brought together by a mysterious benefactor. Their mission was to help keep the timeline on the right path though time enforcement called the Linear Authority didn't approve of what they saw as meddling into their affairs. The group soon found that the best way to blend into what ever era they were in was to have the front of entertainers as any culture slip ups would be seen as eccentricities of actors.
The troupe was led by Lucas Goodfellow a former gambler who was given the role of guiding the others. Each member was given a Keystone, a device that only worked for the user. It was a means to send one way communications to it's members and used with the Gate of Eternity (an Aztec calender) it could send it's user directly to where they needed to go. Without it the traveler had to jump to several different points until they got where they needed to go. The only person to ever be able to go through the portals without being an owner of one was Walker Gabriel, much to the confusion of Goodfellow and his troupe.

The Gate of Eternity

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