Monday, November 30, 2009

The Countess

Fiorella de Ravenna hails from the Firenze (Florence) Italy. Deeply fascinated with the concept of seeing the future she quickly latched herself onto Konstanin Vyronis, a former member of Goodfellows' trope. In 1464 Walker Gabriel was introduced to her by Vyronis, in hopes that Walker could be of use to their goals. Thinking that he's seen the last of her Walker was in for a surprise when he found her in 2113, claiming that another ex lover had brought her to the present. That man, Baron Winters owned a house with many doorways that accessed different points in time. He warned Walker that the woman known as simply "The Countess" had a habit of seducing and destroying men. 

The Countess wanted to return to her old life in the courts of 1464, only to discover that Walkers' actions had unintentionally trapped her. 

Real Life Connection: Based on a real life mystery woman named Maria Lani who suddenly appeared in Paris in 1930. Lani persuaded several artists, who would later become quite famous, into painting her portrait. She was said to have sold some works, and held an exhibition before taking the remaining paintings. She disappeared without a trace. 

What became of her: Since their introduction Fiorella has greatly improved both her english and her ability to use fire arms. Early on we learned that she was supposed to become Walkers' lover, an experience that would embitter him. She resided in the non-linearly synched city of Chronopolis in the process of remodeling. Her faithful android servant Mordecai serves her in at least two futures. Stating that she would "live forever" she does her best to keep away the boredom by indulging in parties, gossip and her vanity. This might be a vastly different future thanks to Walkers' meddling with his own timeline. 
First Appearance: Chronos #1

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