Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power Girl 21 & JLGL #20:


Power Girl #21:

Like in Gen Lost they already messed up Toras' outfit (use character sheets people) although it amuses me that the boob window mistake happens in a Power Girl issue.

I like this series, there's a lot of good thing like Niccos' attempt to BS his way outta getting their equiment taken. Overall this was a good issue, even having Kara feeling bad for fighting the JLI. But she has to make good on her promise to convince the others of the truth. Or at least she tries to but Dick Grayson keeps going in circles to the point Kara has to take desperate measures. The one thing that made me cringe: getting Ted Kords' body. Apparently like Giffin and DeMatteis, Judd Winick hasn't read Jurgens second run on Booster Gold. Because Teds' body isn't buried there, it's on Vanishing Point. Fanwanking this to a mission Booster has to do to ensure this works out. Otherwise I was happy to see Bruce but hope he doesn't take over the reins from Booster.

Justice League Generation Lost #20:

No, I'm still not buying it. Not until the series is over, not with Geoff Johns promoting Jaime and them advertising this so far in advance. BTW your "reveal" shot would have been more touching if Jaimes' head wasn't on Fires' groin with her posed like that. It just looks so wrong that I burst out laughing when I turned the page.

I caught the name changes with Maxs' parents but yeah, that amuses me too. Come on editors. Teen Max looks so goofy. I would have preferred more of an explanation to why Max became like this. I was expecting something like anger over all the crap he got put through because of the league. The JL putting him through the ringer like IC. I liked the touches like his fear over getting his powers and his talk with Booster. Not sure about the rest.


  1. I'm not buying it either. Well, actually I AM buying the book, but I'm not accepting what Winick is dishing out. He makes so many MANY mistakes that it just isn't funny anymore. It really isn't that hard to do a little bit of research before you start writing.

    I liked Peej being sorry, and I suppose that it does make sense that Bruce can remember. That's about the only thing that isn't screwed up.

    And I don't care, I'm pretty sure that Jaime isn't actually dead, no matter HOW hard Winick is trying to make me believe it.

  2. Except for the Tora thing I don't mind the mistakes Winick has made that much. I am bothered by Giffin and DeMatteis, the latter who admitted to never reading Boosters' series. And it shows in the writing. (Still haven't gotten around to reading BG 41 because I know it will tick me off.)

    It is nice to see heroes feel bad about this stuff. Didn't Bruce remember in Brightest Day? Guess he figured it was time he stopped putting it off after all his various adventures.

    You'd be one of the the few I've encountered online. One site seems to think this is a confirmed deal despite how much attention they gave this. I learned from the Booster fake out in 52. I'll wait on this one.