Friday, February 25, 2011

Booster Gold #41

I finally read the book I was dreading, I'll get to my favorite parts first since the rest will take some explaining. I really like the concept of the time lab being under attack. Rani having flashbacks and Booster fighting along side Rip and then Michelle (who finally becomes useful instead of yelling at Booster.) I might have even enjoyed most of this if it was a straight up attack for the whole book. The exchange between Booster and Rani about him finally believing in god because of her is bad. There's simply not enough shown to warrant it. Likewise the screaming between the Carters is equally cringe worthy. Michelle has to be dense to think Rip was just trying to teach a lesson when he tazered her brother and told her that he's serious! WTF!

Now the big thing, retconning Boosters' backstory to make it work for the story they want to tell because Giffin doesn't feel comfortable with how Booster became a hero. No seriously, that's what this is because Giffin has admitted to not liking the fact Booster never paid for the stolen tech he's using. But there's a very good reason for that.

Back in Dan Jurgens' first series Booster had to return to the 25th century when he became sick. His body couldn't handle our times' dieases and was in fact dying. A very awesome cop named Broderick was intent on making sure Booster saw justice for his crime. This guy was basically Boosters' Inspector Javert. And no, he didn't care about the stolen equiment, no one did. The only crime anyone cared about was the fact Booster stole/used a time machine a crime that was punishable by death without trial. Broderick didn't care if Booster was a hero he was going to make sure the death sentance was carried out even if he had to be the one to do it.

Rip should be aware of this since he's the one who brought Booster to the future in the first place! This was an arc that brought Michelle to the present as well and guess what--both of them helped Booster escape! Michelle stole a school bus and had a highly illegal firearm! She literally had to go back to the past because she did all of this and was considered a criminal. They used another time machine to escape to the past. Under Geoff Johns another death sentance was put on Boosters' head for taking historical information in Infinite Crisis. So not only did they completely ignore Jurgens' plots (the reason for Booster not returning home) they took away the motivation from a great character that hasn't been seen for years!

This story is just so contrived from the moment Rip tazers Booster onward. Booster was always supposed to be a questionable hero even now he has to question if what their doing is morally right and has stolen items to do this job. His cover is meant to be seen like this. I'm amazed their doing this now with Johns adding to how messed up the 25th cenutry is and the connection Zoom shares with Booster.

Nothing to do but wait for another reused story idea to be over with. I just hope they don't have him violated in prison. Yes, I'm serious. They already had Emerald Empress try to get in his pants in the prision in #32 then that awful ongoing rape joke in #37. They said this was going to be serious. Only two more issues to go.


  1. I have so wanted to like Giffens and DeMatteis on Booster, but it just hasn't been the way that I thought it would be. I am really looking forward to Dan Jurgens return.

  2. I was hoping they'd be fun but they mostly got on my nerves and don't understand the characters. Ditto, I just wish this was sooner.

  3. Yeah, it just hasn't...clicked for some reason. I honestly think that part of the problem is that without Beetle, Booster doens't have anyone to play off of. Rip is cool of course, but that's a whole different level of connectedness. Michelle has been turned into a bit of a shrew. Rani is cute and all, but Booster isn't really all that comfortable around kids.

    At the moment it seems as though Skeets is the only one that he can connect to.

    And I have to wonder...what happened to Booster's suit, and wrist bands and flight ring and all those goodies when he went into the slammer?

  4. That's where I disagree, Ted has been on this title more than most of the supporting characters. And I found him unbearable under this team. Usually Booster has Skeets to play off of but this one is more L-Ron like. Michelle, along with most of the women, are downright insulting. Rips' overly sarastic when he was more understanding and visibly bothered under Jugens. Booster loves kids (serious one of his origins mentions getting inspired by children) he just doesn't think he's dad material. Given what his own dad was like that's understandable.

    I'm sure their mention something even though we know that the flight ring will be given to him by Brainy 5. Personally I'm hoping this is all ignored. Yes I'm that mad.