Monday, February 14, 2011

Time Masters Vanishing Point #6

Finally got the last Time Masters! I got JLGL 19 but I'll talk about that when the next one comes out. I rarely go to the comic book store since my LCS shut down. I loved it so and while the other one is nicer I still prefer my old one. Anyway, I enjoyed this issue although it had a lot of plots crammed in. Hal and Superman continue being jerks and I had the horrible image of what the timestream would be like if these two were left to their own devices. It's not pretty. Seriously, they both come off pretty dim. Superman can't even remember the details of Boosters' origins Skeets told him about when it caused friction between them. I don't mind him knowing about Supernova but does Booster have to tell them everything? It's supposed to be a secret for a reason.

I was caught off guard by how violent Black Beetle was. It's disturbing to see him out of control. I really want to know what he wants to change the timeline and why.

Wait--did someone write that or can his board do that by it's self?

I read the theories online (ew) and no I don't think Jurgens is going to have Michelle as Rips' mother. He carefully referred to them as different people in BG 30 and Rip calls Michelle his aunt here. Although the two have yet to have any moments together even though he saved her life. I do like how domestic the Time Master can be with plans to get pizza. I wish we could get more of that especially since grown up Rip doesn't have scenes where he's relaxed and off the clock so to speak. I enjoyed seeing more of him here through his childhood and POV. (BTW is it just me or does his mom sound like Oracle?) I'm dreading this last Giffin/DeMatteis Booster Gold arc so hopefully this won't be as bad as I'm expecting.


  1. I enjoyed the heck out of Time Masters. But gosharootie, were Superman and Hal being idiots. Even more than usually. For some reason Booster and Hal just don't get along. And yet, Booster and Guy get along pretty well, all things considered.

    I am quite looking forward to Dan Jurgens coming back to Booster Gold. But seriously, some people think that Michelle could be Rip's mother? Eeyouuw!

  2. It doesn't surprise me, Guy and Booster have a lot in common. Their both the underdogs that refuse to quit. They both took assignments they questioned for the right reasons and had rivals that seem to get eveything handed to them. Although the old Booster wouldn't of put up with Hal like he does here. Back in the day he'd get in his face ready to throw down. Back when yellow was the GL weakness. ;)

    Yep, I saw one long earnest talk on a board like it wasn't a big deal. They also listed a female Ted Kord and the normal Ted (what?) as possible moms but never gave their reasons for those two. They said that a blond woman in the Goldstar suit could only be Michelle. She didn't look blond in the chair to me and Michelle isn't the only one to wear that suit.