Saturday, November 5, 2011

Justice League International #3

What Happened Previously:
 International superheroes were gathered for an elaborate P.R. stunt. Since Booster Gold is a good salesman and they think he'll be easy to control the U.N. agree to let him be the leader. Guy Gardner was not thrilled with this arrangement and only returned to the team after Ice was injured. Batman has faith in Boosters' abilities, but others still question it. The Hall of Justice got blown up by protestors and the team retreats after being overwhelmed by the giant robot. There are more robots over the world who call their alien master.

Story Title: "The Signal Masters part 3"

Thoughts: I can see readers getting frustrated with the pacing or the most of the team are "doing the same thing." But it doesn't matter to me, I'm all about the character interactions. That said is this the weakest of the three issues of JLI? Yes but I still got a kick out of it. First we have Briggs and Esposito worrying over the state of JLI. While intelligent Briggs doesn't see the big picture like Max did/does. All he thought about was the end goal. I like the little touch of Esposito trusting in the team to set things right. It's a small touch that shows how she differs from Briggs. Guy listens in on their conversation which leads to him getting knocked out when meeting up with the new alien menace. (Guy always has the best expressions.) I did wonder if Batman suggested he keep an eye on Briggs but I believe he's just doing what he thinks he needs to do since he's not into the teamwork now. Which cost him and the team some information. (Although Batman deduces a third party.)

The two man teams were fun and I wish we got to see more of them. Vixen is a character I adored on Justice League Unlimited but in the comics I've seen her in she always seems to have problems with someone. That said I like the detail of her deciding to call Bea by her nickname because it's what her friends call her. I'd love to see all the women on the team forming a tight bond. We're reminded that Bea still loves attention and she comments about distracting men. I was wondering how two flirter (three with Booster) on a team could work but thus far Bea hasn't show interest in any of the men on the team.

Although Gavril IS very interested in Bea. He's still a lot of fun when he's with Ice reminding me of how much I loved him in JLGL. The fact that Jurgens is still using the romantic subplot from that series makes me very happy. I do wonder if he's going to have three relationships going on at once or tease a couple for awhile. I don't mind if he does but how amusing would it be if Bea,Tora and Dora thought it'd be fun to triple date? Seeing Gavril, Booster and Guy trying to be with their dates and not each other would be a great one shot.

My second favorite mini team in this issue was Godiva and General August in Iron. I'm really starting to like the guy. He's understanding of the problems on the team and doesn't blame them on his team members. He's a leader but doesn't try to assume command over Boosters' head. The closest he gets to being snippy is when Godivas' shocked to learn he's not wearing armor. As for Godiva, I figured she'd run into some trouble in the field. Not only is her power ill suited for some missions there's been some hints of her not having enough battle experience and being used for P.R. reasons. Batman called her on not fighting as much as the others, something she doesn't really address claiming it's not her style. This is the first time she's not flirty or talking causally with someone. There's really a feeling that she's unnerved by the fact that she's in over her head. I liked it, this may have been the only time I read this situation come across so well in a team book without making the character in question look like a coward or weak. Because she still fights, she may not win and yeah she yells for help but she's making the effort even though she knows it's beyond her. Godiva doesn't ditch the General. This could make a good story.

My favorite mini team was of course Booster and Batman. This is the first time the two of them have really fought with each other since Batman became his secret keeper. I love the dynamics. I've heard that Batman is a little too friendly but I don't have a problem with this. Back in early Giffin/DeMatteis he was super encouraging to Booster before he slowly got annoyed with the team. Since Batman gets Boosters' potential I could see him wanting to see him reach it and knowing that doubt is Boosters' worst enemy. Plus I really do believe he wants JLI to work with someone he can trust in charge. Their funny together, even unintentionally so as I keep thinking Batmans' not really listening once he looks at the computer screen. Poor Booster has been getting sexually harassed ever since Emerald Empress expressed unwanted interest in him.

Did You Notice?: 
Toras' face is bandaged, last issue it was bruised. I love details like this.

Bea is mentioned as being Toras' friend.


  1. I liked this issue. Of course. I also like that some of the interpersonal aspects of the team are finally being delved into. Like you, I 'm glad that perhaps Gavril and Fire will be getting together.

    I don't particularly get Godiva. I don't have a clue what her powers even ARE! Have they ever mentioned what it is, that she can do? But the smaller team-ups were nice.

    Of course, Guy is checking out the space menace. He's a Green Lantern, and that's what he DOES. Too bad he got too cocky, but I'm sure that will all be addressed. This book always leaves me wanting more, which is after all, the main purpose of a comic book!

  2. Right now I don't have a complaint other than the cover. Which is beautiful but a bit dark for the story. I love this book. I felt that each issue has made an effort for the reader to get to know the characters a little and like the characters. I love Batman and Boosters relationship and can't wait to see how they continue to develop it.

  3. Sally: While it hasn't been said in the text it has been shown in the art that Godivas' powers are to control her hair. She uses it to grab things (like Booster) and toss bad guys.

    I think that like the first JLI Guy feels that he has to prove himself. That he has to show that he's the best man for the job. Same here. That's the problem with a couple of my recent picks, I find myself less interested in the plot. Not so for this book.

    Jimmy: Yep. The relationship between Batman and Booster really helps both characters. It makes Booster potential more obvious since the Bat trusts in him and it makes Batman more likable. Their just fun to watch together.