Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Pricey Superhero Dolls

Remember the Teen Titan dolls with Raven, Dove and Starfire? Well here's a few more.

New figure Donna Troy (proving there's someone out there looking out for her fans.) Wonder if their do the boys. I mean Dove is known for having a partner and no Nightwing? Maybe their afraid to do his disco outfit.

And for Sally. No rear shots were shown but Hal loves the camera. 

 Now I wouldn't want to get these per se because most of them are giant and expensive but they do make me want to continue my customs. Only I can't sculpt heads but I'm thinking of looking into that.


  1. By Odin's Raven! These are fantastic! Gosh, Hal is so young and pretty!

    Now...if they would only do a Guy Gardner, I do believe I could die happy.

  2. I think Guy would be the one GL I'd be worried about them doing. There's a good chance he'd be too pretty or they would go too rough on his looks. Guys' cute but in my mind he's not a pretty boy like Hal or Kyle. Rougher features but good looking especially when he's expressive. .John I'd say is between Hal/Kyle and Guy.

  3. Guy isn't conventionally good looking, but dang it, he's...interesting. John is handsome, and Hal and Kyle are pretty. So...so pretty.

  4. That's what I meant. It's not a look that always carries over well.