Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bruce Wayne: Bad Father?

I'm sort of behind in getting my comics lately. Superboy wasn't there and work/the holiday rush kept me from getting Teen Titans and JLD. So I'll get to those but rereading some of the bat books I've been thinking about Bruces' role as a father and how he seemed to fail his kids or do horrible things. Just for an example:

He fires Dick, refuses to reconnect with him and acts very childish about adopting Jason. There's a bit with Tim desperately wanting to tell his friends and girlfriend (Spoiler/Steph) who he is. Bruce repeatedly tells him no. This causes strains with his various relationships. Then out of the blue Bruce tells Steph without discussing it with Tim beforehand. Abandons Cass for a year which leads to her turn for the worse. Only let's Steph be Robin to make Tim jealous. And don't even get me started on what he did with Jason. I'll be doing a review on Death in the Family and believe me, despite the writer not liking the idea of Robin Bruce doesn't come off that great.

I think Bruce has some great moments but there's plenty of issues there. Lack of trust, the way he pushed people away, pettiness, and what looks like favoritism. Or maybe it's just the issues I've been reading lately. At least he's not kidnapping Robins anymore. 


  1. See, these are the sort of things that drive me absolutely batty, when it comes to...er...Batman. Because let's face it, most of the time, he's a real jerk. I've always liked his supporting cast much more than I've ever liked him. Alfred is SO fabulous.

  2. Same here although I adore it when he's being supporting and nice, like with Booster. I think it's pretty telling that I collected action figures of the Robins, Cass, Steph AND Alfred but haven't bothered looking for a Batman yet. I've looked for Oracle figures though.

  3. I like the jerky side of bats. At least to some points it's never bothered me. He has that dark brooding side that most men have even if they don't show it. Now most of us won't kidnap someone and make them be our sidekick though ;-)

    And I look forward to the death in the family review. I just re-read that a couple of months ago.

  4. I like it to an extent but writers tend to go overboard and it gets me when it's his kids.

    I read it before so this is a reread but I don't think I reviewed it. I forgot about some of the details. It looks like it's going to be a long review.