Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things to be thankful for comic-wise

I'm thankful for the creation of Booster Gold, his character development from Countdown to Infinite Crisis forward, having another solo title, JLGL, the Time Master mini series and the current JLI. This is the character that got me interested in DC, the reason I stuck with the company despite some of their poor choices and why I decided to give other titles a try. I'm glad Skeets got a bigger role in his series, that Michelle returned and just about anything to do with Rip Hunter. 

I'm glad Scott Lobdell is writing three titles for DC because I enjoy all three of them. I'm not annoyed with Cassandra Sandsmark, Tim Drake is likable, Bart Allen has returned to his more interesting roots, and the new characters are fun. Jason Todd actually gets real development that makes sense, the outlaws have great interaction and it really hit it's stride. Superboy has managed to explore his sci-fi origin and hint at his connection to Luthor in a way that's compelling. "Red" and Rose come off very strong and have me wondering what will happen next.

While I'm not thrilled with every choice in the bat books (Babs/Batgirl) I'm glad that all the Robins and Batgirls still exist. 


  1. So thankful that Swamp Thing is here and being written well.

    Thankful that I have tried new stuff that I normally wouldn't have tried and loved it.

    Thankful for a great website (yours) that does good reviews of books.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful words and for sharing your thoughts on DC!