Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Days

Day 16 - Funniest comic book/comic book scene.

I can't narrow down a particular scene but out of all the books I read Scott Pilgram is the one I think about as funny. The video game humor, the jokes you don't get in the first reading and the zany character. I love Scotts' gay roommate Wallace (yes that's how Scott introduces him.) There's two scenes I always think about with him. The first is his heckling of a rival bad of Scotts' that literally plays a four second song:

Wallance: It's not a race guys!
Singer: This next song is for the guy yelling at us in the balcony. It's called "we hate you please die."
Wallance: (Beaming.) Cool! A song for me!

The next part is when Ramona (Scotts' kind of girlfriend) fights Envy (Scotts' ex.) Envy is a popular singer that's well loved by her fans. They cheer Envy on and boo Ramona. Wallance (who loathes Envy) gives Ramona his support while mocking Envy. This goes on for awhile until Envy gets annoyed:

Envy: Still hiding behind your precious Wallance?
Ramona: I'm not hiding behind him!
Wallance: Oh, am I in the way? (Panel shows he is literally right in front of Ramona.) Sorry. (Runs off.) Gotta go pee.
Ramona. (Looking upset.) But I like your company!

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