Monday, April 16, 2012

Justice League International #8


This was a mix bag for me. Usually I shrug off explanations but I found it bothersome in this issue. Not so much for recapping what happened with the bombing but the characters explaining what their doing in panel. Batwing was naturally brought in by Batman and while he doesn't do much he already dislikes Booster. I know he thinks of the reasons he doesn't like men like him but I'm more amused by the fact he seems to get annoyed by how often Booster mentions Bat related things. The guy IS a fanboy of Batman afterall. Speaking of the Dark Knight he is still VERY supportive of the team. He flat out tells Batwing that Booster gets the job done. I'd like an explanation for the Johns bit in JL though Johns should be the one to do it. Yes that still grates.

Guy is still awesome visiting Tora in a sweet scene where she knows that he'd trade places with her in a heartbeat. This leads to the hospital wanting the non-injuries heroes out. It only makes me adore General August in Irons more. He's polite but meancing when he demands Godiva get respect. I'm really enjoying their friendship. It's also a nice change in pace to see Guy hanging out with them but this brings us to a moment that feels so out of place it seems to scream editorial mandate as OMAC comes out of no where to attack.

It's okay but the flaws bugged me a bit. Still a book I adore.

Say What?: Mari was a nurse? I know it also says she was a volunteer but if she was a regular nurse that's a big change from what I've heard. I thought she was a model.

How long is David in Gotham? I heard his series has him investigating something that leads to the Court of Owls arc but is this supposed to be the same time period? If so he'll be pretty busy.


  1. I also thought that Mari was a model. Maybe when she's hanging around doing unicef stuff or something, I don't know.

    I did love the scene with Guy and Tora. Too bad Bea was left completely out of the book. It used to be that when Bea turned into Fire, she actually WAS fire! Despero couldn't hit her, his blows went right through her, but they seem to have forgotten that. She should have been able to weather this blast quite nicely.

    Booster IS a Bat Fan! He's from Gotham after all.

  2. They seemed to have taken some characters back in terms of experience. In this case she might not be able to do that anymore.

    Booster was from Gotham but according to DC he's supposed to be from Canada now. Still not sure how to feel about that.