Monday, April 9, 2012

Solicit Thoughts

Semi-spoiler stuff under the cut.

Green Lantern Corps: You know what the first thing that caught my eye was? Guy's costume being ripped so high up the leg. Thank you devoted artists that create equal opportunity beefcake to counteract the cheesecake.

Batman and Robin: You know I'm starting to rethink giving this book a try. The idea of Damian attacking the former Robins isn't one I want to read. It's one that shouldn't be take seriously either. Dick trained him. Attacking them proves Tim right. It will hardly endear him to Bruce especially after taking a life. This is the first time all the "brothers" are together and this is what they do? Plus as a Jason Todd fan I'm leery of more out of character portrayals. The summaries haven't filled me with much confidence.

Blue Beetle: I don't like the current direction of this book. But Blue and Gold? I'm tempted even though this one also has me worried.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Kori looks awesome as she takes the center of the cover for two issues. I don't remember her taking the center stage like this in awhile.

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  1. Guy has a torn uniform? Egad, I must immediately go and look up the previews!