Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 21 - Favorite writer.

This one is hard because I don't have a favorite writer. Since I mentioned a few before I'll talk about one of my favorites I'm fairly certain hasn't been brought up.

Scott Lynch did wonderful work in IDW with Angel and Spike. He was the ONLY Joss Whedon Verse comic writer that actually made me feel like I was watching the show. (Yes this includes the show writers and Whedon himself.) Don't get me wrong, there were some damn fine IDW book that I adored. But Lynch made it work so well. The characters had the right voices. The humor worked, the emotions hit the right notes and After the Fall remains the best work I've read from the ATS/Buffy books. As far as I'm concerned there never was a Buffy season 8 onward and Angel ended in the IDW books. Because you can't top perfection.


  1. I have a LOT of favorite writers! The guy doing Journey into Mystery for one, and that other guy...that did the whole Incredible Hercules stuff. My brain has gone completely uncooperative, and I'm too lazy to look it all up.

    I like Geoff Johns when he's actually interested, and I like Peter Tomasi, and I liked Englehart, and Gerard Jones, and I used to like Claremont before he went nuts, and I do actually love Grant Morrison too.

  2. Like Sally, I probably have several. Off the top of my head:

    John Ostrander, Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (as a team, since they've co-written everything they've done I liked), Roger Stern, Fabian Nicieza, Kurt Busiek. Brian Clevinger and Jeff Parker are getting there.

    In the right situation, I really like Bendis and Garth Ennis. In the wrong situation, I can't stand their work.

  3. I do have other writers I enjoy but I couldn't think of their names and didn't feel like looking them up. There are some writers that can be hit or miss. I have a very short list of writers I refuse to read because I can't stand their work.

  4. Gah, I forgot Garth Ennis! When he's on, he's on. And when he's not...well...!

    Also Jean Michel Charlier (he wrote all the Blueberry books!) and heck even Stan Lee back in the day. Ostrander is another one that I forgot, and Azzarello when he's on, Peter David when he's on. And Giffen and DeMatteis when they aren't trying so hard.