Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Short Review: Birds of Prey #20

Misleading cover but still awesome.


I liked this issue more than last. It's not perfect but much better in a lot of respects. I'm more interested in Dinah here but really Ev remains the best character. Anti-heroes tend to do that and the fact she still cares about the team takes out the string of her betrayal. Her reasons make sense but I'd like to know how she knows and owes Freeze. The other three members of BOP feel kinda bland so I wonder if that will change now that Ev is gone. I have to say I found myself rooting for her the whole time. I also have a hard time believing Barbara would give her any trouble since she's still trying to get back into the fighting scene after recovering. Plus she's fighting a professional spy.

The Court still come across as morons and I wonder what storylines will come from this. Will we see Freeze applying the Talon healing abilities to himself? Will the crossover with Talon be fun? I only have the next issue pre-ordered so it may be my last for awhile. This isn't nearly as good as Sword of Sorcery, better than it previously was but still not a must for my pull list.

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