Friday, May 31, 2013

Superhero Work Related Dating

I used to love X-Men and picked up a recent issue to flip through. It had Iceman one of my former favorite Marvel characters. It also a lot of women he apparently dated, at least the superhero ones, and I realized I was lucky to have gotten out while I did. The X-Men have all pretty much dated, had crushes on or are related to each other. The Summers family alone was a pain to follow nevermind how it connects to other large families. I don't think DC has anything quite like that. Except for the gods in Wonder Woman but I'm not counting that because it was already like that before it entered comics. At most--at least that I know of--a couple of the Batgirls dated the Robins.

I know superhero books can be the comic equivalent of a soap opera but can you imagine how awkward that would be in the work place? Your ex dating another teammate and the trust issues? If Batman was like the X-Men Damian would be aged to an adult, someone would have kids from different futures pop up and most of them would have love triangles going on. Just when you think they couldn't get any more messed up, right?

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