Friday, May 24, 2013

Sword of Sorcery #8

The last but glorious issue. No back ups just the main tale.


All of the story comes together without coming off as a series ending because it was cancelled. Sure there are things that weren't explained or tied up (like what happened to the spirit of Amayas' father) but it ends nicely. There's a battle against Eclipso with Amaya being the one to come up with a plan. Her allies all add something interesting to the story and make me wish to see more of them. I enjoyed seeing more of Mordiel like her chat with Zushan before the battle. Although she was once married and allied to his father her "it's about time" attitude to Zushan taking over his house was amusing. More so when she hears that he didn't kill his father but is allied with the enemy and plans to attack if she doesn't join them. Mordiel calls him a coward and decides to deal with them in battle.

I've never seen the appeal of Eclipso before this series. I read a few stories with him but they never made him interesting to me. This setting works really well for him and I enjoyed it so much I'm already planning on getting it in trade. That's something I only do for books I really love. As for Amaya, she feels responsible but it's not beaten over the head as much as it would be in a Spider-Man book. She deals with it head on while still being smart and resourceful.

Much to my surprise Graciel and Mordiel survived their forced team up. Giving up their power to Amaya so she would win making for a touching moment. Amayas' grief when she believes their dead and thankfulness for their actions were excellent moments. Mainly for Mordiels' surprise when her grumbling was cut short at the unexpected hug Amaya gives her.

 The art, as always, is beautiful. The colors popping and making the scenes come to life. I could see this as an animated feature. Amaya is powerful and a strong without going to far into the gory or making her Sailor Moon like. She will kill if needed but it's not something she wants to do. (Wonder Woman team up?) I'll be looking out for any appearances she makes because this was such a good series. Out of all the ones I tried out with characters I wasn't familiar with this is my favorite. Hell it's tied with some of my favorite books anyway. Great strong female characters, great art, political intrigue, it's--well--a real gem.

Oh and Constantine better watch out. He pissed off Amaya, and since she took down Eclipso she proved she's a very bad enemy to have.

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