Friday, May 10, 2013

Yep Bruce was always mean to Jason

Okay they had some good moments but Bruce was still a jerk. As seen here Alfred points out that it's not helping Jasons' self-esteem to constantly be compared to Dick when they train. Although this isn't as troubling as the version of Jasons' origin where Bruce kidnaps him (complete with gagging/tying to a chair) and next thing we know he's Robin.

Now that I think of it Cassandra might be the only one of his adopted kids that he's only fought for her benefit. He'd do it because she could read his intentions and needed to vent. Not surprising since she was the one that could read his emotions so he never had to struggle as much in that department.


  1. Let's just face facts...Bruce is a terrible mentor. Oliver isn't much better.

    Guy on the other hand, actually likes kids! Too bad he was crazy for a while there.

  2. Thanks to various writers Bruce is a terrible father, which is far worse than being a bad mentor. With the reboot Ollie only has Roy and we won't find out what happened there until the Annual comes out. But in the past? Yeah it was hard to tell who was worse.

    Booster likes kids too, it's canon. Plus we've seen him be a great dad.