Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Angel Character One Shots: Gunn and Wesley

This time we focus on two long time members of Angel Investigations and friends--Gunn and Wesley.

The Who: Charles Gunn lived in an area of L.A. that had been at war with vampires for seventy years. He helped raise his younger sister and since he was 12 fought against vampires. Gunn led his own gang of demon hunters and since he never believed he'd live long started to develop a death wish. By taking more dangerous risks he came to the attention of Angel. Not long afterward his sister was turned into a vampire and forcing him to slay her. Slowly but surely Gunn joined Angel Investigations developing a strong bond with the other members. Although he had strong friendships with Angel, Lorne and (to a degree) Spike, Gunn has struggled against his view on demons. His need to become more than "the muscle" led to him making a disastrous choice to improve himself which unknowingly led to the death of his friend and ex-Winfred Burke. From there Gunn went on his own path towards redemption and a truly incredible development in Angel After the Fall.

Takes Place: During Angel season 5 sometime after Destiny.

The comic it's self: While I like the art more than the Connor Spotlight this one doesn't gel with the show's set which took me out of what I was reading. There are some writing glitches like Harmony saying her meal had a lot of caffeine. Which if you saw the show you'd know Angel would have killed her if she ate a human, something they tested often. Gunn gets a call that his 15 year old cousin is in L.A. and in trouble. Being a family minded guy that he is Gunn goes to check it out to find out his cousin Mario is in a demon gang. Only Mario didn't realize that. This comic is better than I remember it being. It has to do with Gunn finding a purpose and shows why Worfram and Hart doesn't work for him even if he can use their resources.

The Who: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce a former Watcher that was fired by the order tried to make a new life for himself in L.A. by becoming a demon hunter. He overcame his bumbling nature to join the ranks as an important member of Angel Investigations after Doyle died. After being tricked into taking Angels' son Connor in an attempt to protect the baby the boy was taken from him and Wesleys' throat was cut. Once the others learned what was happen they had a falling out leading to Wesley becoming a darker more broody character. He fell in love with Winfred Burke and finally--briefly--dated her. Unfortunately her co-worker Knox had been plotting against her to rebirth his god Illyria. Fred died and Wesley joined his friends in a fight against the Senior Partners of Worfram and Hart.

Takes Place: Angel season 5 before Destiny.

The comic it's self: Wesley deals with the idea that Fred might be falling for Knox. He can either let Knox die or do everything he can to save him. This one has Spike acting as the devil on Wesley's shoulder telling him to let the guy die so no one can stand in his way of getting together with Fred. That's my main problem with this comic. While it has strong characterization for Wes it makes Spike come off poorly. Spike wouldn't have acted the way he's insisting Wesley act, not souled at least. I can see some leeway on him being bitter given his own state and lashing out but this is the sort of things some writers get wrong about Spike. Usually just assuming he's always like that. It's a solid read nonetheless although I would have preferred something different since his love for Fred gets plenty of attention.

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