Thursday, August 22, 2013

They know Booster Gold!

The same friend of mine that borrowed my Batgirl runs of Cassandra and Stephanie introduced me to a friend of hers that's into comics. More Marvel than DC. He was surprised there was more than one Batgirl. When he asked who my favorite superheroes were I went down a list then said there was one but I doubted he knew who it was. I said Booster Gold and he nodded saying he knew who that was. After I expressed my disbelief my friend and him both said Boosters' slogan in union.

So in short other Batgirls aren't known to causal fans but Booster is. It's not shocking per se, I know Barbara is the one that's always pushed but it's also amazing that Booster is more known than something from the bat books.


  1. Booster of course would naturally assume that everyone knows who he is. Unless you were from Gotham, would anyone know who the Batgirls were? They knew who Oracle was, but that was different.

    Booster has been on T.V.!

  2. That's true, lol. You mean their IDs or know of them? I think Supergirl knew about Cass and Barbara before she met them.

    True but he knew who Damian was and I don't think he saw the Batman Brave and Bold episode.

  3. I'm thinking just knowing OF them. The least the lesser Bats, tend to stay in Gotham, unlike Batman, who shows up with the Justice League and stuff.

    I'm impressed that he knew Booster though, and I am also impressed that he knew about Damian.

  4. It makes sense, I just tend to think the bats are what most causal fans would read.

    Ditto, he knew he was Bruce's biological son. My friend knew about Huntress which shocked me. I didn't ask which one she knew about.

  5. Public relations is all marketing. I'm sure the girls could hire a good manager like Dirk Davis. (He's in the book, call him!) He could do wonders for their Q ratings.

  6. That would actually make a good book. If Batman said anything about the marketing Booster would just have to point out Batman Inc.